Jeremy Carter works full time for Oakbrook Community Church as the Technical Director, overseeing the production areas of audio, video, lighting, graphics, the church website, and some IT responsibilities.

But occasionally, he is available to consult with other organizations on the design, install, testing, optimization and training of Audio, Video, and Lighting components (commonly called A/V/L Consulting.) In addition to his 18 years experience on the staff of Oakbrook, he has had training at the Meyer headquarters in Berkley, CA from one of the finest minds in the industry, Bob McCarthy. (You can check out Jeremy’s complete resume here.)

Meyer Headquarters for SIM School

Bob McCarthy, Jeremy Carter, and Chris Herr stand in the Meyer Headquarters Theater in Berkley, CA.

Jeremy utilizes this advanced training in system design, including the MAPP prediction software and “transfer-function” FFT software to tune and optimize systems to work as they were designed in each room. This method is vastly superior to the commonly used “RTA” method of attempting to tune a system.

Jeremy does not sell any equipment, nor is he an authorized service center for any equipment you may purchase on his recommendation. He can help you select appropriate, reliable, and dependable vendors for any equipment needs you may have – and he encourages organizations to have relationships with local vendors they know and trust.

Recent Projects include:

  1. Oakbrook Community Church (design and install of sound, video, and lighting systems for 1250 seat auditorium, as well as for additional 500 and 250 seat rooms.
  2. Concept Technologies Group (sub-contracted to provide A/V/L design support for a new 1500 seat auditorium)
  3. Creative Financial Designs (design and install of sound, video, and lighting systems for 300 seat auditorium.
  4. Morning Star Church (design and install of complete theatrical lighting system for 500 seat auditorium. Later I returned to design and oversee sound system upgrades and optimization)
  5. Grace Baptist Church (consult and design of new lighting system, as well as tuning and optimizing the existing sound system.)
  6. Zion Tabernacle (consult with sound system upgrades and train volunteers on mixing and production techniques)

Here is an article from Church Production magazine about the Process used at Oakbrook’s facility.

And here’s a digital business card:


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