Music and Audio Company Consolidation

HEADLINE (Dec 5 2011): Gibson Acquires KRK, Stanton, and Cerwin-Vega.

I’m not a fan of this. It leads to decreased competition, price controls, and a decrease in innovation. Take a look at the handful of companies that now control a majority of the Music and Pro-Audio world:


  1. AKG microphones
  2. BSS signal processors
  3. Crown amplifiers
  4. dbx signal processors
  5. Digitech guitar products
  6. JBL pro audio
  7. Lexicon digital processing
  8. Soundcraft mixing consoles
  9. Studer mixing consoles


  1. Alvarez guitars
  2. Ampeg bass guiar amps
  3. Crate amplifiers
  4. Blackheart guitar amps
  5. EAW pro audio
  6. Mackie mixing consoles
  7. Martin Audio


  1. Charvel
  2. Genz-Benz
  3. Gibralter
  4. Gretsch
  5. Guild
  6. Fender
  7. Hamer
  8. Jackson
  9. LP
  10. Ovation
  11. Sabian
  12. Sunn
  13. SWR
  14. Tacoma
  15. Takamine
  16. Toca


  1. Baldwin
  2. Epiphone
  3. Gibson
  4. Kalamazoo
  5. Kramer
  6. Slingerland
  7. Steinberger
  8. Tobias
  9. Valley Arts
  10. Wurlitzer


The Bosch Group is the parent company of Electro-Voice, Telex, Memorex, Dynacord, RTS, and others. It actually has 350 subsidiaries in 60 countries.


I salute the following companies, who brave out the free market on their own terms:

  1. Ashly signal processing
  2. Meyer pro audio
  3. DPA microphones
  4. Shure microphones
  5. Radial Engineering
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2 Comments on “Music and Audio Company Consolidation”

  1. Johnny C Says:

    What if it means these smaller acquired companies and products staying alive vs. going under if left on their own however? Seems like the pros outweigh the cons?

    • jermtech Says:

      In many cases, it means they just bought the name to remove the competition. A lot of the smaller guitar brands now owned by the mega corps do not even put out any models. They just vanished. All so we can walk into a Guitar Center and see 200 Fender Strats hanging in the same store.

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