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All Star Band Fantasy Draft

January 11, 2014


OK, here’s a fun project for anyone who wants to participate. You are invited to select an All-Star band, which will be made up of the following members:

(2) Drummers
(2) Bass Players
(2) Keyboardists
(2) Guitarists
(2) Horn/Auxillary Instrumentalists
(2) Guest Vocalists

You are drafting a starting lineup and a bench. You may only select one player at a time, and we all take turns. I will moderate the draft, letting you know when it’s time to select again. DO NOT enter your entire band at once. (The point is to have some fun discussion along the way). You can start with any instrument you like. For this edition of the fantasty draft, you must select members who are LIVING. In a future edition, we will do an all-time draft. When you make your selection, give a brief description of why you made your pick.


Round Seven Complete

Round Seven Complete