All Star Band Fantasy Draft


OK, here’s a fun project for anyone who wants to participate. You are invited to select an All-Star band, which will be made up of the following members:

(2) Drummers
(2) Bass Players
(2) Keyboardists
(2) Guitarists
(2) Horn/Auxillary Instrumentalists
(2) Guest Vocalists

You are drafting a starting lineup and a bench. You may only select one player at a time, and we all take turns. I will moderate the draft, letting you know when it’s time to select again. DO NOT enter your entire band at once. (The point is to have some fun discussion along the way). You can start with any instrument you like. For this edition of the fantasty draft, you must select members who are LIVING. In a future edition, we will do an all-time draft. When you make your selection, give a brief description of why you made your pick.


Round Seven Complete

Round Seven Complete

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62 Comments on “All Star Band Fantasy Draft”

  1. jermtech Says:

    My opening pick for starting bassist is… Leland Sklar! Whether you need to play Rock (Sammy Hagar, Rod Stewart, The Doors, Warren Zevon, Spencer Davis Group, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Buffet, Toto/Steve Lukather), Folk (CS&N, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Carole King, Lyle Lovett, Arlo Guthrie, Roger McGuinn), Pop (Phil Collins, Rick Springfield, Hall & Oates, Don Henley, Enrique Iglesias, Kim Carnes, Linda Rondstat, Richard Marx, Ricky Martin, Lisa Loeb, Neil Diamond), R&B (Ray Charles, Freddie Jackson, Terence Trent D’Arby, Donna Summer, Weather Girls, Diana Ross, Peabo Bryson, Robert Flack, Aaron Neville), Country (Vince Gill, Wynona Judd, Dolly Parton, Clint Black, Ricky Skaggs, Reba McIntire, George Strait, Merle Haggard), Blues (Bonnie Raitt), Jazz (David Sanborn, Manhattan Transfer, Lee Ritenour), or even Showtunes (Barbara Streisand, Bernadette Peters, Bette Midler, Randy Newman, Helen Reddy), LEE SKLAR is the main man. Any genre. Any feel. Anything you want. BOOM.

  2. Okay Jerm, great pick,,, but I’m going to go with a different strategy, “With the 2nd overall pick in the 2014 All Star Band Fantasy Draft”, C Dub selects Stevland Morris, aka Stevie Wonder !!! Sticking Stevie in my keyboard first chair. Okay , Stevie isn’t known as a world class keyboardist, but he certainly is very good, (even if he doesn’t usually use his thumbs). But I’m going with versatility. Not only do I have a great keyboardist, but also a world class vocalist (in his prime) and one the greatest harmonica players ever. He could even fill in on drums if need be. I’ve just filled 3 slots with 1 pick. Fear the “C Dub Players” !!!!

  3. Mark McMain Says:

    OK for my fist pick, Ill go with a journey man, but not just any journey man…I am going with multi instrumentalist Darrell Scott. Working out of Nashville, Darrell is not just a guitarist, but that “soul of the band” kind of guy. Along with guitar, he brings stellar talent to mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, as well as a slew of other stringed instruments. Darrell also brings his incredibly soulful voice to the mix as well. For years working as a backing musicians for several famous cats he is one of the great “backing vocalists”, but dont think he cant belt out a great lead as well…as a songwriter and lead vocalists for much of his 6 solo records, Darrell makes any band a top notch unit.

  4. Abram Rayl Says:

    ok, I’m gonna keep it short. On drums, Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band!!!! The man is can’t be stopped!

  5. jermtech Says:

    Alright, this pick may surprise you, but for my pick for starting keyboardist, I select Paul Shaffer! Not only do I get the obvious versatile keyboardist that can play literally any style, but I get one of the greatest Hammond B3 artists of all time, and one of the best musical directors alive!

  6. cdub777 Says:

    With my second pick,,, I’m going with drummer Dave Weckl,, why u ask ?? Because he can do this

  7. Mark McMain Says:

    For my 2nd pick, and before anymore rules change 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will be selecting for my 1st chair guitarist, none other than the Purple One himself, Prince. As you know, not only does this give me a very talented guitar player, but a songwriter, vocalist, bass player, drummer, keyboardist, programmer, and perhaps one of the most electrifying performers on the planet. His work simply speaks for itself.

    • jermtech Says:

      Phenomenal pick, Mark. Prince doesn’t exactly strike me as team player, though. How long until he tried to fire everybody else in the band?

      • Mark McMain Says:

        Well I thought about that, and since this is just fantasy and all, my fantasy will be that all egos will be left at the door. All players will be honored to be here and happy to help in any way they can. 🙂

  8. Abram Says:

    On lead guitar, Jimmy Herring. Total virtuoso, plays rock, jazz, country, jam and so on. I love speed, and Jimmy has greasy fast lightening speed.

  9. jermtech Says:

    So you guys know I LOVE players with legitimate jazz chops and pedigrees who don’t find it beneath them to play and enjoy mainstream pop and rock music. They always makes the best kind of musicians in my book. So with a pedigree that includes Weather Report, Miles Davis, David Sanborn, and George Benson, my starting drummer has also been a staple in the bands of Sting, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Celine Dion, and most recently Daft Punk – yes, that’s him playing the kit on the breakout hit of 2013, “Get Lucky”. It’s none other than Omark Hakim!

    • Mark McMain Says:

      Very nice choice Jerm! I have always loved his stuff. Although I am quite certain Anton Fig is disappointed that he doesnt get to play with his boys…lol.

  10. cdub777 Says:

    That’s a good pick Jerm. Now I gotta get a bassist. I have about 4 on my short list, but I’m gonna stick with my theme of versatility and go with ,,,, Marcus Miller. He’s a master bassist and producer,, plays clarinet , keys, sax,, AND he wrote “Doin The Butt”. Need I say more !!

  11. Mark McMain Says:

    For my 3rd pick, I am going with Bad Boy Billy Sheehan on bass. His prowess on bass speaks for itself, but he also adds great bg vox and is just one heck of a nice guy…and the thought of him and Prince together…whoa.

  12. Abram Rayl Says:

    This is pretty cool, guys. This is giving me some new musicians to look into. Well, I’ve got drums and lead guitar so far, I’m gonna round out the trio with Juan Nelson, bassist for Ben Harper. If you take nearly any BH (and the innocent criminals) album from start to finish you will hear that they cover a spectrum of style and genre….Juan is right there with him, versatile, full of energy and personality.

    • jermtech Says:

      Yes, Abe – I agree – it’s always good to see someone else’s viewpoints and get past our own musical myopia.

    • Mark McMain Says:

      I LOVE this pick! This dude plays in the pocket and has great feel! We do Put It On Me on our band and I never get tired of interacting w our bassist on it.

  13. jermtech Says:

    Well, at this point I’m not sure if Derek is goin to be in at all, so I’m going to go ahead and pick my guitarist. A guys who gets put in a box and limited by his own success. A guy who gets shrugged off by some because they only judge him by Room Full Of Squares. But if you’ve ever seen any of his live stuff – or especially his trio stuff – you would know JOHN MAYER is the real deal. A great guitarist comfortable in a variety of styles and who can really turn on the passion and just BURN. He fits perfectly into my band, assuming we are using Mark McMain’s fantasy rules and that all egos are checked at the door. Because, let’s be honest – the guy can be an egocentric douche. But still – what a guitar player!

    • Abram Rayl Says:

      That is a great pick, Jeremy! The guy can flat out play…..he’s not faking it either! Lots of feel in his rifts and solos.

    • Mark McMain Says:

      Yeah nice pick Jerm. I agree he plays w great feel but has much technical presence as well. Nice choice and somewhat of a surprising one from you!

  14. cdub777 Says:

    Yeah,, that one surprised me too Jerm,, Mayer is a really good guitarist,, but you’re right,,, major douche,,,might hurt team chemistry. So I need a Sax player. Gotta go with my fave,, the guy literally makes his horn sing,,, KIRK WHALUM !!! A baaaad man !!!

  15. Mark McMain Says:

    For my 4th pick…and as a drummer, with my hero Carter off the board, this one is special to me…I had many choices here…so many of my idols I grew up listening to and being inspired by…however, when it comes to laying down filthy grooves, tasty chops and versatility to play any style of music, I was lead to one of my newer favorite drummers. Not that he hasnt been around for 20+ years at the “young” age of 43, because he has…on tour or recordings from artists as varied as John Mayer, Diana Ross, Harry Bellefonte, and where I caught him live and was BLOWN AWAY…one of the toughest drum gigs in the touring business…for the always wonderful, Steely Dan. He also became the only drummer to play all tracks on the latest SD album, instead of their usual revolving chair of drummers…he is quite impressive indeed, I think you will agree and his name is Keith Carlock! Boom! 🙂

  16. Abram Says:

    Well, this is just the way it is, for my 4th pick……Bruce Hornsby!

  17. jermtech Says:

    Alright, campers – I’ve realy struggled in this round – so many good musicians and vocalists out there. But I have to think of who my band needs to round it out. So far I’ve primarily focused on an amazing supporting cast to lay down the foundation, now it is time to add some fire and sizzle and excitement for my audience. So rather than pick a horn player for my aux instrumentalist, I chose to go with one of the best soloists alive – someone who can take 6 choruses on a song and make each one sound interesting, compelling, and just keeps drawing you in. Someone who seems to never run out of good solo ideas and always has something new to say. Someone who never sounds like they are just throwing trash out there and blowing just to blow. That person is… slide guitar master DEREK TRUCKS.

  18. I like Derek Trucks,,he navigates a solo on guitar like Whalum does on sax. I’m gonna wait on my guitarist so that I can scoop up arguably the greatest vocalist ever. I’m taking ,,, (drum roll),,,,, ARETHA !!!!!!

    • Mark McMain Says:

      Nice pick Chris! A true diva. One of my best friends used to be bar manager at the House of Blues in Chicago and when she would play there they had to spread rose petals every where she would walk and keep the place at like 58 degrees! And he said she was never on stage for any more than 30 mins at a time! Its good to a Queen, eh? Lol. However Stevie Wonder sat around the bar after everyone left and sang and told stories to the staff for hours…best night of my friends life, he always says!

    • Abram Says:

      Well done, Chris! I saw where she filled in for Pavarotti (on short notice too i think). A very special talent she is!

  19. Mark McMain Says:

    In the 5th round, I will take the legendary Steve Winwood as my keyboard player. Bringing not only his abilities on the piano, synth and multi moog to the mix, but also his ever soulful voice along with abilities as a guitar player, writer, arranger and producer. Having penned Gimme Some Lovin’ when he was a teen, playing organ on the Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile as a 20 year old, and numerous gigs with the likes of Clapton, Beck and Ginger Baker through the years, Mr. Winwood’s resume is quite impressive and a welcomed addition to the band!

  20. Abram Says:

    Sorry I’m late,,,,,,,For my 5th pick, my auxiliary instrumentalist, the Yoda of the banjo world, none other than Bela Fleck!!

  21. jermtech Says:

    For my starting vocalist, I’m going to take a guy that can sing anything and is the real deal. And not only do I get one of the world’s best vocalists, I get a guy who plays R&B and jazz keys, guitar, trumpet, trombone, and percussion! And here’s the proof – no production, no tricks – just a man and his guitar in his hotel room:

  22. cdub777 Says:

    Okay,,, I need a starting guitarist, hmmmmmm. Chet Atkins said this guy was the best guitarist he ever heard,,, plus the brotha can sing too, Can’t argue with Chet,, so I’m taking George Benson !!!!

  23. Mark McMain Says:

    For my starting vocalist, I am going to go like Chris, with a female…too much testosterone is never a good thing…plus she is gorgeous! But not just a pretty face, this girl can flat out sing! She can also play guitar, piano and is an extremely talented songwriter. Grace Potter will lead my all star band!

  24. Abram Says:

    Ok, I’m gonna go with a guy that has been around for a little while, but is new to me……Jim James from My Morning Jacket. He sings, writes and is a heck of a guitar player.

  25. jermtech Says:

    She does more than look pretty and bang on some timbales… Shelia E is the real deal! I get a great drummer AND a female vocalist to boot. Not too shabby.

  26. cdub777 Says:

    Okay Brethren,, It’s gettin to be crunch time ,, and I have 3 players I NEED,,, but alas,, I can only choose 1 right now , (I know Abe is gonna grab my 2nd string bassist),, so , I need TASTY !!! Everything about this guy is TASTY !!, musically speaking , of course. Mr. Bob James

  27. Mark McMain Says:

    I guess we are all showing our roots here aren’t we? As much as I try to deny it, I am a rock guy at heart…raised on 80s music…its where I first found that passion. And what all star band of mine would be complete without some 80s rock influence? But really, he is more than that…an innovator, a master of tone, a true genius in the world of guitar riffs…writing some of the most iconic ones ever written…and solos? Oh he does that too…a fairly legendary one from 1978 is still the rock benchmark…often imitated, but never duplicated, the king of ten fingers…my pick…King Edward Van Halen. 🙂

    • cdub777 Says:

      Is Eddie still alive ?? He didn’t look real good the last time I saw him

      • Mark McMain Says:

        Yes he is still alive. He had a bad bout back in 07 for a few years…however nowadays he is healthy and sober again. Heck Van Halen even released new material a couple of years ago with DLR! I caught them on that tour twice. Word is that they are in the studio again.

  28. jermtech Says:

    This is sooooooo sexy…

  29. Mark McMain Says:

    For my next pick and ‘other’ bass player, because calling him a back up or 2nd chair would be a travesty…I will take someone who needs little introduction to you fellas…Victor Wooten is my man. Oh the fun he and Bad Boy Billy will have together…lol.

    • cdub777 Says:

      I almost scooped up Wooten too, Mark ,, and I know he was gonna be Abe’s next choice at bass,
      lol,,, he’s gonna be mad

      • Mark McMain Says:

        Well perhaps Abe would like to arrange a trade? I have a drummer chair still open and he has a drummer Id LOVE to have. 🙂

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