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Good Musicianship is a Bygone Thing?

March 4, 2011

On the Dan Patrick show just moments ago:

DP: If I brought in other musicians – pianists and keyboard players – to have a “Piano-Off” – who would make you the most nervous?

John Legend: Well, I think most real pianists would make me nervous.

DP: Just in pop music. If Elton John and Billy Joel came in…

John Legend: Yeah, yeah – they’re better than me. Stevie Wonder. All the older guys are better. But I don’t know that there are very many newer artists that play the piano that are great pianists. I think that might be a bygone thing.

In other words, John Legend, you are saying that fame and money and slick production are more important than woodshedding and becoming a good muso in today’s music business?

Somewhere, Allen Iverson is shaking his head and saying, “Practice? We talking about practice?”


Year of the Bass?

March 1, 2011

Could 2011 be the year the bass breaks out of the shadowy background and comes front and center? It’s sure getting some good exposure the last few weeks. First, Esperanza Spalding was given the Grammy for Best New Artist (over some unknown dude named Justin Beiber), and then off-the-beaten-path American Idol contestant Casey Abrams breaks out with some superb performances in the Hollywood and Vegas weeks.

Tal Wilkenfeld has also had quite an astounding year (solo album doing well, and high visibility touring with Jeff Beck).

Bring It On!