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The Expectations Of a A Team Member

July 24, 2010

Several years ago I created this one-page sheet to clarify what it means to be on a serving team…

Bring Passion – Be “All In”
Bring your best offering, a great attitude, and a servant’s heart.

Prepare As If for the Lord
Remember that your act of service is a tribute to God. We serve an audience of One. Diligent preparation honors God.

Serve with Excellence
Our service is an act of worship, therefore we bring our very best to honor God. Excellence honors God and reflects his character.

Serve in Community
We don’t serve in isolation – we serve on teams. Team members build up, support, and encourage one another.

If You Sign Up – Show Up
Making a commitment is not to be taken lightly. Please do not send people scrambling to try to find last-minute replacements.

Common Courtesy
a) Be punctual
b) If there is an emergency, or you’re going to be late, please call.
c) If you make a mess, please clean it up.
d) If you need to borrow something, please ask first. Return it ASAP.
e) Turn lights off and lock doors whenever possible.
f) Treat others as Jesus would.

Resolve Conflict Biblically
The Bible gives clear instructions for dealing with conflicts between believers. Read it in Matthew 18:15-17

Give Ministry Away
We should constantly be looking to expand the amount of people serving – and we should be willing to move over a bit to make room for them. “train yourself out of a job – then find another one!”

Take Ownership
This is your church. Take pride in it. Think about it. Pray for it. Talk about it. Promote it. Offer suggestions. Get involved. Give generously. Sing loud!

Think Macro.
Think beyond your specific task or team. Help out wherever you see a need. Pick up trash if you see it. Help somebody unload their car. Offer assistance when someone on a totally different team is under the gun.

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