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Poll: Guitars for the Average Working Man

March 22, 2010

Leo Fender made a huge contribution to music-making. His designs, introduced over 50 years ago, are still in production today. Can you imagine if Ford were to sell the exact same model after 50 years with only minor cosmetic changes? But that’s what we’re talking about. The Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass, and Jazz Bass are still bestsellers even today.

Leo also believed in mass-producing his designs so that costs could be contained and the instruments would be accessible to the average working man. He carried this foundational concept with him to Music Man and G&L. Accessible Instruments for the Average Working Man.

So what the heck is the Fender company thinking? I saw this link on twitter this morning. Fender introduces new American Deluxe series. Take a look. These are the same classic designs made by Fender for over 50 years. There are a few minor upgrades like Strap-Loks and “noiseless” pickups (which have been around quite a few years now), and a nice plush guitar case. But did you see the list prices? $1999.99 to $2199.99! Is that what Fender thinks is in the range of the “average working man”?

What do you think? Vote in the poll and let me know.


A Post I Wish I Had Written

March 16, 2010

Every once in a while I get really jealous of other bloggers. Like when someone writes a brilliant post backed up with lots of examples and research. This is one of those posts. This guy, Todd Miro, has a blog where he commented on one of the most widespread misuses of technology in Hollywood. It’s brilliant.

screen capture from Transformers 2
And here’s the link to his article: Teal and Orange – Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness

Kudos to you, Todd.

I wanted to hate it.

March 9, 2010

Background: I have been looking for a low-wattage tube combo amp for a long time. I originally thought I would love the Fender Deluxe Reverb ’65 Reissue or the new Fender Princeton ’65 Reissue. After all, they have 22 and 15 watt designs, respectively. But after traveling to Sweetwater’s showroom and trying them out, my take-away is that they’re just TOO DANG BRIGHT. I like more fullness and tone out of my amps.

While on that trip, I was able to find two amps that I liked. One was the hand-wired Vox AC15 ($1399). I thought it was a very serviceable sound that could do a lot of things. But the one that sent me home raving was the Bogner Duende 1×10. I LOVED that amp. It had the perfect marriage of clean gain, full tone, and grit from the overdrive channel. Alas, the Bogner Duende 1×10 is freaking $2500!!!

Today, I traveled to Indy and went to Guitar Center. In the center display was something I wanted to make fun of – a Bugera V22 combo amp. I thought to myself – let’s plug it in and see what kind of shihacky sounds I can get out of it.

You see, I was prejudiced against the amp. Bugera (whose name sounds like you took a few of the most popular boutique amp makers and put them in a blender…primarily Bogner, Egnator, and Rivera) is made by parent company Behringer. Yes – THAT Behringer. The Behringer that got sued for reverse-engineering some of Mackie’s most popular mixer designs. The company that spits out dirt-cheap electronics products by “borrowing” from industry leaders. The Behringer that is well-known to be the “bottom-feeder” of music store gear.


But I didn’t. I sat there for nearly 30 minutes putting it through it’s paces – looking for weaknesses, comparing it to other amps I’ve played. But you know what? I actually liked it. I liked it a LOT.

Know what’s funny? The amp had a sticker on it that read, “$349”. Yes. Really.

You can read more about the amp here:

Separation Complete.

March 1, 2010

You’ll notice today that my professional information has been removed from this site. That is because I moved it to a completely new site built just for that purpose! You can now find my portfolio, demo reel, resume, musical performances, audio clips, and information about technical consulting at:

Jermination will remain my primary blogging space for personal thoughts, spiritual discussion, political discourse, and addiction recovery resources. But I didn’t feel comfortable sending potential employers to a site that contained all that stuff! I think it’s good to have some separation on that.