Cartoon Character Voices based on Real People

As I watch older cartoons, which are now available on DVD, with my kids – I’ve noticed something that I never picked up when I was a kid. Many popular cartoon character voices are based on real people! These are generally parody voices, not the real person themselves doing the voice. Let me show you the ones I’ve discovered so far. Let me know if you know of others!

Spike The Dog (Tom & Jerry) sounds like the voice of: Jimmy Durante

The Ant & The Aardvark sound like the voices of: Dean Martin and Jackie Mason

Yogi Bear sounds like the voice of Art Carney playing Ed Norton in The Honeymooners

Snagglepuss sounds like Bert Lahr playing the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz

Mr. Jinx the cat at times sounds like Marlon Brando

Doggie Daddy (from Augie Doggie) also sounds like Jimmy Durante

Mammy Two Shoes (from Tom & Jerry) sounds like Hattie McDaniel’s “Mammy” character in 1939’s Gone With The Wind

Both Top Cat and Hokey Wolf sound like Phil Silvers

Wally Gator sounds like comedian Ed Wynn

Peter Potamus sounds like comedian Joe E. Brown

Morocco Mole (sidekick of Secret Squirrel) sonds like actor Peter Lorre

Not Included: Characters that are obvious re-creations
The following list are obvious re-characterizations that go beyond sound-alike voices. They are parodies or recreations of the entire character.

  1. Fred Flintstone is Ralph Cramden of The Honeymooners
  2. JabberJaw is Curly from The Three Stooges
  3. Johny Bravo is intended to be a dumbed-down version of Elvis Presley
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6 Comments on “Cartoon Character Voices based on Real People”

  1. roadrunner = harpo marx (meep meep)

  2. C Dub Says:

    “Now For A Tincture of Tenderness”,,,, Milton The Monster was based off of Jim Nabors “Gomer Pyle Character

  3. Jerry Says:

    What about Barney Rubble? he talks like Art Carney, too.

  4. Michelle Morgan Says:

    Benny the Ball= Private Duane Doberman from The Phil Silvers Show

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