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Questions after 17 episodes of LOST

January 12, 2013

My wife and I recently began watching Lost on Netflix. Here are some of the questions we have 17 episodes in. Please don’t attempt to give me answers – I’m just sharing the experience. If you haven’t seen the show up to episode 17 then I suggest you don’t read further. (Note: I have disabled comments on this post for fear of spoilers.)

  1. Why has no one grown out of control facial hair in a month?
  2. Why has Claire not had her baby yet? Before her incident with Ethan, Jack told her she had about a week to go. That was 3 weeks ago.
  3. How can a man in a wheelchair be walking around after the crash and suddenly be an expert tracker and hunter?
  4. Did the polar bears appear on the island because of the image in the comic book? Did Walt make them happen?
  5. Nearly every character has something in their past which causes them to feel shame. Is this the common link between them? Is the island a type of purgatory? Are they all already dead?
  6. Did Ethan want the baby? Is this what Claire’s psychic foresaw? Why doesn’t Claire remember anything?
  7. When Sun asks Chin for a do-over, he says it’s too late. But the flashback we saw right before that with his father would make you think he’s desperate for a new start with Sun.
  8. Was the man whom Kate both “loved” and “killed” her father?
  9. Locke seems to know what’s going on with the “monster”, based on that little episode with Boone. How does he know that?
  10. If Ethan isn’t with Danielle, then who is he with?