All Things New

I was honored to be part of a live cd recording project from my home church in Kokomo, Indiana this past weekend. Oakbrook’s “All Things New” is a project that was the idea of a congregation member who wanted a tool to give to friends and coworkers to demonstrate to them what a different kind of church could look and sound like. The finished CD’s are going to be invitations to come to the church. Cool idea!

The set list was as follows:

  1. All Things New (Oakbrook original)
  2. Glory To God Forever
  3. Jesus Reigns (Oakbrook original)
  4. Our God
  5. Worthy (Oakbrook original)
  6. Revelation Song
  7. Your Name (Oakbrook original)
  8. O This God
  9. You Are God
  10. Holy
  11. Our Everything (Oakbrook original)
  12. How He Loves
  13. Resurrection People (Oakbrook original)
  14. All Things New (reprise)

Here’s a few pics of the night:

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2 Comments on “All Things New”

  1. Morgan Young Says:

    Always great to play with you šŸ˜‰

  2. Gordon Long Says:

    ā€¦ a woman in this position strikes fear in anyone. Ms. Harriet Marwood , a NY-based disciplinarian, shows us the lap you will be asked to lie across and the wicked hairbrush she may use on your naughty bottom. That is one horrid looking implement, and Ms. Marwood knows precisely how to exact the maximum effect from each stroke.

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