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Preliminary Thoughts: My New Fidelity IEMs

May 28, 2011

A full review will be coming later, but these are my initial thoughts after about 1/2 hour of listening with my new Fidelity IEMs:

  • The isolation is wonderful. Why, I can’t even hear my kids arguing with these in!
  • They have a lot more sensitivity than I’m used to. (ie: they are much LOUDER than any of my other buds).
  • The low frequency extension is awesome – I’m not used to actually hearing those frequencies from buds!
  • I love the little Pelican case that comes with them. It should provide good protection for my new investment. There’s also an attached, laminated, “luggage tag” style ID card which lists my name and serial numbers for both the left and right ear pieces.
  • The full mold fit might take a little getting used to, in terms of comfort. These are my first custom molds, so I feel the pressure around my whole ear. I wouldn’t say they’re painful – I’m just really aware of the full fit pressure. You probably get used to it.
  • I wonder if I should have opted for the longer cord…

a full review will come later.