Good Musicianship is a Bygone Thing?

On the Dan Patrick show just moments ago:

DP: If I brought in other musicians – pianists and keyboard players – to have a “Piano-Off” – who would make you the most nervous?

John Legend: Well, I think most real pianists would make me nervous.

DP: Just in pop music. If Elton John and Billy Joel came in…

John Legend: Yeah, yeah – they’re better than me. Stevie Wonder. All the older guys are better. But I don’t know that there are very many newer artists that play the piano that are great pianists. I think that might be a bygone thing.

In other words, John Legend, you are saying that fame and money and slick production are more important than woodshedding and becoming a good muso in today’s music business?

Somewhere, Allen Iverson is shaking his head and saying, “Practice? We talking about practice?”

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One Comment on “Good Musicianship is a Bygone Thing?”

  1. C Dub Says:

    He’s right,,,,,JL, Alicia Keys and most of the other “current” pianists aren’t very good,,,they remind me of the little kids at my recitals at Ramseyer’s Music in ’71

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