FAQ: Oakbrook’s Huge New Center Screen

Starting with Concert With A Cause: The Beatles, Oakbrook has had a new addition to the main stage – a huge new center screen backdrop. I’ve had many people ask me about it. Some want to know the technical details, some are curious what software is involved, and some are curious how much money it cost! So I thought I’d write a little bit about it here on the blog.

First, some pictures so those of you who haven’t seen it can get a little taste of it:


1. How big is the screen?
The projected image is 60′ wide and approximately 20′ tall.

2. How do you get such a super wide single image?
It is done by splitting the image into halves, and using two projectors side by side to create one huge image.

3. What is the screen resolution?
Both projectors output a 4:3 image. Together, their resolution is 2560 x 960.

4. I notice you’ve used it for still images, video loops, lyric projection, and scriptures passages. What software is used to do that?
We have recently switched to the worship software package ProPresenter, which is made by the company Renewed Vision.

5. What other equipment is involved?
ProPresenter runs on Mac computers only, so you’d need one of those. Next, you need the external box which splits the image into two. The one we use is called the DualHead2Go. Then you need a couple of projectors (we repurposed two that were already in the auditorium). Finally, you need a screen or backdrop to project onto. We are using a 60’w x 25’h seamless sharkstooth scrim (which we already owned.)

6. How much does it cost?
If you attend Oakbrook, you can rest assured that we did not spend much money at all to make the center screen happen. The only thing we had to buy was the DualHead2Go, which is about $200. Everything else we already owned. If you are starting from scratch someplace else, then I would say you need a good Mac computer, the software, the DualHead, the projectors, lenses, and screen surface. That could end up being quite a bit of money!

7. How did you make the super-wide video support for the Switchfoot song, “Mess Of Me?”
We created the video using our normal video editing software, Final Cut Pro. We just created a new sequence setting that is 1280×480. We sent the final output through Mpeg-4 compression, and dropped the finished file right into ProPresenter. You can see this song on Oakbrook’s YouTube channel here:

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One Comment on “FAQ: Oakbrook’s Huge New Center Screen”

  1. Avin Kline Says:

    I could stare at those pics all day.


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