A True Story: Got Any Biches or Virgins?

Somebody mentioned the guitar company B.C. Rich today, and it reminded me of this very true story (I was a personal witness).

First some background: B.C. Rich is a company known for catering to the metal and hard rock music scene. As such, they make guitars with wilder styles, and pretty juvenile names. Their top seller is the Warlock model, pictured below:

Well, several years ago, they introduced a couple of new models, named the “Bich” (yes that’s the correct spelling) and the “Virgin”, pictured below:

I was working at a small town music store in the midwest. And one day my boss, Carl, calls up our distributor and – in his typically playful and easygoing personality – says,

“Hey – you got any biches or virgins?”

“Pardon me?”, the young male voice said on the other end of the line.

“I want to know if you got any biches or virgins for sale” repeated Carl.

“…” silence for a few seconds, and then…

“I…uh…I think you’ve dialed the wrong number sir…” said the young man.

Carl’s face instantly turned very red and quickly hung up the phone. He could hardly get the words out as he replayed the conversation for us all…we were all laughing so hard.

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3 Comments on “A True Story: Got Any Biches or Virgins?”

  1. John C Says:

    I came home from a trip to LA one time. A month later my credit card receipt showed up and my wife came to me and said “Uh, honey . . . what’s this charge for “Virgin Mega-Store” on your card from when you were out in LA?” She had never heard of Virgin Records before.

  2. Aubri Says:

    OK…I know I am not worthy to discuss guitars b/c I am not a musician…but that was a funny story and if I could buy a guitar…I would buy one of those…they are freakin’ awesome looking!

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