It’s Artsymom Week! Aug 2-8

artsymom_hdrThis week I encourage all our friends and associates to celebrate all that is ARTSYMOM! (Sarah Montgomery for those of you who don’t know her by her internet nickname.) The celebration week starts tomorrow, Sunday August 2nd, and runs through next Saturday, August 8th.

What Is It? pure and simple. a way to value someone who means a lot to us.

How did it come about? It all started last year with Jermtech week. You can read about that here.

What can I do to join in? It’s easy. Write a blog post, or a Facebook “Note” about her, and link to it from your facebook and twitter accounts. Or write her a handwritten note and mail it to the church (3409 S 200 West, Kokomo IN 46902), send her an appreciation email, give her a call, make a sign, bring in a treat, take her out to lunch, whatever floats your boat!

Let’s open the floodgates and pour into our friend and colleague. Let’s let her know that, “WE HOLD YOU IN HIGH REGARD!”

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