Surgery Day

Today’s post is more of a personal family nature, so casual readers may want to skip this particular post 🙂 I am primarily posting this information on my blog today because the hospital has blocked Facebook and Twitter on their wireless internet and so this is the only connection I have today with some extended family and friends. [If you read this today, and can post a link to this page via Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate it!]

For those who aren’t aware, my wife has been having some issues with endometriosis. This has caused her lots of internal pain for many years, and has been getting progressively worse. One of the issues with this is that there is endometrial tissue wrapped completely around one of her ovaries. Today, she is having laproscopic surgery, where they will remove excess endometrial tissue with a laser, and will then perform a uterine ablation, which will cauterize the endometrium in hopes of preventing any future growth. This procedure will also prevent any future pregnancy. Also, if the surgeon cannot successfully “clean off” her left ovary, then they will have to remove it. There was initial talk that they may do a partial hysterectomy, but that has since been ruled out at this time.

Mandy is doing very well. We arrived at the hospital at 7am, and her surgery is scheduled at 8am. They took her back at 7:30 to get ready. As you would expect if you know Mandy, she is calm and cool and ready to get it done. The surgery is estimated to be about 2 hours long. Check back here throughout the day for updates to this post!
UPDATE #1: Post-Surgery, 9:08am

I just met with the doctor, and she said everything went well. Thanks for your prayers, everybody. Doc said there was, in fact, endometriosis that needed to be cleaned off behind the uterus and from the ovary. She didn’t see the need to remove the ovary at this time. They did do the ablation and a DNC (as my friend Nick Pate calls it – a “Dust ‘N’ Clean”).

Mandy is in post-op now. I have not seen her yet. More to come!

UPDATE #2: We’re Home! 11:00am

I’m amazed at how fast this all went! She’s doing fine. We just got home, after a brief stop at the pharmacy. Mandy is having lots of pain, but we’re keeping it under control with our little friend, Lortab! They said she will have to sleep in a recliner for the next two nights. She thanks everybody for your prayers. Maybe tonight she’ll write her own little update on here.


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4 Comments on “Surgery Day”

  1. sarah m. Says:

    thanks for the update. continuing to pray for her. let me know if you need any takeout! 🙂

  2. Tim Gibson Says:

    Thanks for the update. Will keep praying.

  3. John C Says:

    Glad to hear everything went OK. Chris had this exact same thing 2 years ago. Because of a risk of ovarian cancer in her family (her mother had ovarian cancer which is actually how Chris finally determined that she had an ovarian cyst when she was having similar symptoms as her mother had) and because of how severe the endometriosis was, she had a full hysterectomy. But glad to hear that wasn’t the case for Mandy. Please tell her to take care and heal up well! And make sure you spoil her rotten during the recovery! 🙂

    – John Carlson

  4. morgan Says:

    Glad to know all went/is going well 😉

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