Do You Guys Ever Sing Christian Music In Church?

Lately on Oakbrook’s YouTube channel, we’ve gotten quite a few comments along the lines of this particular fellow:

dmatthewsfan: Not only is it a bad cover, but do you guys ever sing Christian music in church?

This sort of amazes me, because if you’re an actual attender of Oakbrook, you know that the vast majority of music we do is worship music and/or so-called, “Christian Contemporary.” But I do understand the confusion. These commenters DON’T go to Oakbrook. On the YouTube channel, the more secular “covers” that we do get a lot more views and attention than the other stuff. This is understandable. The fact that a church would do a Dave Matthews Band, U2, Coldplay, Beatles, Linkin Park, Marvin Gaye, Martina McBride, or Montgomery Gentry song is, obviously, somewhat controversial for a “church.” The fans of these artists are constantly trolling the internet for interesting cover versions of their favorite music, too. (Mostly so they can leave nasty comments about how bad the cover versions are!)

So the thought occurred to me to post some of our more “sacred” YouTube clips and put them all here, on one page, where they are easily accessible. My intention here is not to defend Oakbrook or our programming approach, but just to be a resource for fielding these kinds of questions from people who genuinely want to know the full scope of what we do.

The following are some of my favorite “God-centered” songs we’ve done recently. Enjoy!

God Is Alive/Sing Sing Sing

Everlasting God

God Of This City

Praise The Father, Praise The Son

Awesome Is The Lord Most High

True Love

Desperate People

Because Of Your Love

Great Light Of The World

How He Loves

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2 Comments on “Do You Guys Ever Sing Christian Music In Church?”

  1. John C Says:

    Not to be nasty or anything – just posing the question as I would in anything like this: And I’m not implying my personal opinion in this – like I said, just asking from all points of view: But anyway: What’s the intent and purpose of posting all of the clips of anything from OCC on You Tube? Is it a good use of time/resources etc.? Is it serving only OCC team members/”fans” of? Or just OCC attenders? Is it creating buzz in the community that draws people in? Is it just to throw things out on the net to “compare” to other churches? Is it just to “show off” OCC to anyone that views? (In some ways, I could see where it can kind of be taken that way by some people to be honest.) I guess I’d do a good “motive” check. Is it getting the “bang for your buck” (i.e. time in editing, uploading, responding to comments, or even just the “emotional” aspect of viewing comments?” (which I DO think are a great insight into the unchurched community.) Is it making a positive influence with non-christian -non-churched people? Or a negative one? There are many people that are not Christians/not church goers who actually would EXPECT a church to be doing Christian/Sacred music, rather than secular stuff and find that rather odd and actually a turn off these days. (From what I see, mega churches seem to be falling into the camp of being made fun of in pop culture these days – i.e. Family Guy, Simpsons, etc.) I think that might be the case with DMatthewsfan perhaps. Don’t know. Anyway . . . I haven’t honestly looked at all your comments on YouTube to find out what kind of conversation is going on there and all. It might be all very clear to you what purpose it’s all serving. But just posing the question. These days with all of the opportunities for social media – facebook, twitter, blogging, you tube, etc. – its’ so easy to jump on the band wagon of doing something, getting totally absorbed in it, but loose track of what real purpose it’s serving and whether or not it’s worth the bang for the buck.

  2. jermtech Says:

    John –

    The thinking is very simple. A non-Christian who would get an invitation to a church for the first time would obviously be nervous and have a lot of questions adn reservations about the church. What is it like? Would I be comfortable there? Would I be bored? Will they preach fire and brimstone at me and be all judgemental?

    YouTube provides us an opportunity to show visitors a little bit more of what to expect at an Oakbrook service. When you visit our home page, you’ll see links to sample some elements from the last couple of services. These links tend to be quite a bit more “balanced” and a truer representation of the overall Oakbrook experience than just looking at the “most viewed” vids tab on YouTube.

    As for the comments themselves, we really don’t reply very often – nor do I remove very many of them (only if they start name-calling, using profanity, turning political, causing trouble, etc.) People will say all kinds of things on there – that’s OK with me.

    Pretty regularly, in fact, we get comments like “I wish I could find a church to come to that’s like yours in my area” or something similar. We pray they do!

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