Idol Power Rankings, Final Round Wk 2


Here are my Power Rankings for Week Two of the Final Round.
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  1. Danny Gokey, “Jesus Take The Wheel”. What is he wearing? popped collar? really? But MAN this dude’s top range is absolutely unbelievable. So much passion and guts and tone…wow. Kara was right – the 2nd half was stunning. Before I heard Danny I was considering moving Adam up, but I just can’t do it. Sorry Adam fans!
  2. Adam Lambert, “Ring Of Fire”. WOW…not comfortable with him trying to make out with me through the TV camera, but the vocal performance was FANTASTICO! The dude really has a range and a style that is out of this world. I disagree with Simon again. Even though it was weird – I liked it. I think he would do great as a contemporary artist on a major label. He realy know who he is and what he does well.
  3. Anoop Desai, “You Were Always On My Mind”. WOAH! What happened? Dorky Anoop went away and an awesome singer showed up instead! wow. still geeking out about it. It made me totally forget about “Beat It” last week!
  4. Alexis Grace, “Jolene”. Overall I liked it and she’s got a great texture and tone. The only thing that kept bugging me is her tendency to sing behind the beat. But I admit that’s something that bugs me in a lot of music nowadays (esp. Beyonce)
  5. Matt Giraud, “So Small”. Good singer. Good pianist. But so what? I thought the song choice didn’t really work. There was nothing that made me lean in or really care. I did not agree with Simon or Randy at all – he did NOT outsing Danny tonight.
  6. Lil Rounds, “Independence Day”.  Pretty solid effort for a genre that’s clearly out of her comfort zone. Pop people may not be familiar with the original Martina McBride version, which I would say borders on one of those “untouchable” songs that is just so hard to try to copy. It is THE signature song for Martina. Hard to compete with that.
  7. Allison Iraheta, “Blame It On Your Heart”. Her vibrato got a little out of control on her. She ran out of air a few times. Overall I think she was just trying too hard. Patty Loveless’s original version was very fun and flirty and bouncy – and Allison came out all Janis Joplin in-your-face. I was slightly disappointed. I think she would have done better with a Tanya Tucker song – which would have fit her voice style perfect.
  8. Kris Allen, “To Make You Feel My Love”. I disagreed with Simon here. Vocal quality was OK I guess, but snooooooooze! I was bored.
  9. Scott MacIntyre, “Wild Angels”. It was a good effort for him – I think he’s giving us the best he’s got. Unfortunately for him, there are just much more talented people in this competition than him.
  10. Michael Sarver, “Ain’t Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up”. Yeah…not so good. Not anywhere near the standard that Garth Brooks sets for infectious energy. He seemed stiff and pales in comparison to the real thing. And contestants – when are you going to learn? You look like a cocky idiot when you “talk back” to the judges. It might play well in the studio, but it doesn’t carry to the television audience.
  11. Megan Joy Corkrey, “Walking After Midnight”. Her old-soul, 40’s style came off cornball for the 2nd week in a row for me. I didn’t get it, dawg. It was like a last-minute replacement act for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I don’t care if she was sick or not – it just wasn’t good.
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One Comment on “Idol Power Rankings, Final Round Wk 2”

  1. Aubri Says:

    Yeah…I’d have to say that Megan needs to go home this week. I thought I liked her in the beginning, but I just tire of her “act” too quickly. And her dancing and facial expressions just bug the crap out of me not to mention the way she pronounces her words. I think that Scotty-boy is in the wrong competition. He is a very talented musician that can sing…not a singer that’s going to blow anyone’s mind…and very old school. Anoop was impressive last night – I am glad he showed that side of him again. I think if he would have done another upbeat song this week he would have been gone. I liked Matt last night – he is one of my favs, but he seemed like he was struggling to hit notes. I agree, when Danny hits that power range he is beyond awesome. I wish that the verses would have been a little better – b/c they were pretty weak. However, he said they were low for him and I know that it is super hard to have any “beef” behind your vocals when it is a little too low. Adam scared my with his weird “sex-it-up” expressions and body movements but he has a range that is to die for. It does remind me a little of Robert Plant of Zeppelin…a little. Lil Rounds didn’t impress me tonight. Neither did Michael or Allison. Michael was absolutely horrid and Brent and I laughed during his performance. Allison completely oversang her song. I thought Kris did a really good job – not as good as Adam and Danny, but his vocals were smooth. The song may have been boring, but he sounded great, IMO.

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