Idol Power Rankings, Final Round Week 1


Here are my Power Rankings for Week One of the Final Round. This was a really different week for me because normally I tend to agree with the judges – especially Simon and Kara. But tonight I think the studio sound must be very different from the over-the-air sound because I found myself disagreeing with the majority of their comments tonight. (Last week’s rankings can be found here.)

  1. Danny Gokey, “PYT”. The judges obviously loved it – it must have sounded awesome in the studio. Over the air, I thought it was a little shouty and he had a lot of adrenaline pushing him further than it should have been. But overall, I still loved it. He’s still my favorite.
  2. Adam Lambert, “Black or White”. Wow…I think he’s the only person to sing in Michael’s original key! He’s still a little screamy for me at times – but there’s something I really, really like about this kid.
  3. Matt Giraud, “Human Nature”. I was very impressed with this version – with the playing – with the singing…loved the song choice. Felt fresh. The falsetto is extremely hard to do live!
  4. Lil Rounds, “The Way You Make Me Feel”. I didn’t feel as good about this performance as the judges did, but still – she’s an awesome singer. It was a little safe., though
  5. Alexis Grace, “Dirty Diana”. Wow…this song got the Beyonce treatment in the verses, and the hard rock treatment in the choruses. Alexis can definitely sing…she’s got great tone and range. Overall it didn’t have me jumping out of my seat though.
  6. Scott MacIntyre, “Keep The Faith”. Unlike the judges, I thought this was very, very good. It was an excellent choice and it changed my opinion of him a litle bit. He did great and I liked it.
  7. Allison Iraheta, “Give In To Me”. Allison lost a couple of spots from me this week because she chose a boring, unknown song which had no range, and was pretty over-the-top grating on my nerves.
  8. Michael Sarver, “You Are Not Alone”. He did good for himself. He really can sing, and this performance was much better than I was expecting. But still, he’s not one of my favorites at all.
  9. Megan Joy Corkrey, “Rockin’ Robin”. Man, her stage moves are so awkward! Can’t say I’m a fan of this song choice. How is this performance relevant at all to trying to place her in today’s music market? Caw Caw!
  10. Jorge Nunez, “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Boring. Karoake. Old. Forgettable.
  11. Kris Allen, “Remember The Time”. Kris brought out the acoustic guitar this week, which I’m not sure really helped his cause as it didn’t really fit the style of the song. The pitch was off in places, and it just felt disjointed. As the song wore on, I was just begging for it to stop.
  12. Anoop Desai, “Beat It”. Are you kidding me? You follow one ridiculous song, My Prerogative, with one of the silliest songs from MJ that does not stand the test of time? It was silly. It was pitchy. It showed that Anoop does not belong here with the better singers in the competition. A horrible choice.
  13. Jasmine Murray, “I’ll Be There”. Over the air, her tone is brassy, shrill, obnoxious, grating, whatever word you want to use. You can hear the immaturity in her voice. I think she’s going home very soon.
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4 Comments on “Idol Power Rankings, Final Round Week 1”

  1. lindsayweed Says:

    i totally agree with everything you’ve said, however i did NOT like scott’s performance. he did better behind the piano, but the vocals were not so hot.

  2. Montel Says:

    Switch the rankings of Megan Corkrey and Kris Allen and it’s spot on IMO (Rockin Robin was very, very weak and last week’s effort wasn’t much better – time to go soon, Meg). Good list, Jerm – I expect nothing less from “elephant ears”!! Overall, I like the list – Scotty Mac was a bit weak in spots – overall I probably like Allison a bit better, but how do you not love Scotty’s story? I’m sure America will keep him around at least a few weeks.

  3. jermtech Says:

    Well, I was half right. Jasmine went home tonight. Anoop was close, but it ended up being Jorge instead. I can’t really argue with that – he had to go pretty soon anyway. I just hope Anoop doesn’t overstay his welcome and become the next Sanjaya!

  4. jermtech Says:

    E Entertainment report shows that we may be in with the ‘Noop Dogg a lot longer than we would like:

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