Idol Power Rankings – Top 13


We had an exciting week on Idol – a fierce wildcard round culminating in a first-ever Top 13 (instead of Top 12). If I had to vote right now, here’s the order of my picks:

  1. Danny Gokey, “Hero”. My opinion is he’s been pretty much flawless so far.
  2. Lil Rounds, “Be Without You”. She’s good. Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal Good.
  3. Adam Lambert, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. What a range! You can tell that he’s grown up in musical theater, however – he’s got a little cheese to him. He also gets shrill on the top end. Will that get old fast?
  4. Alexis Grace, “I Never Loved A Man”. Wow. Pulling off the Etta tones and attitude is quite an acheivement. She has tons of upside.
  5. Matt Giraud, “Who’s Lovin’ You”. Matt has an unbelieveable voice – but the judges are right – he’s weak on personality and stage presence. He reminds me of the position Elliott Yamin was in.
  6. Allison Iraheta, “Alone”. At this point, I’m saying this year’s female rocker has more range, spunk, and fire than last year’s version – Amanda Overmeyer.
  7. Jasmine Murray, “Reflection”. Very ordinary. What are the judges seeing that I’m not seeing? They think she’s great. I think her tonal quality is quite brassy and harsh. I don’t get it.
  8. Anoop Desai, “My Prerogative”. How long can he get away with his campy appeal before it gets old? We’re going to find out.
  9. Jorge Nunez, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down”. The most “classical” or “traditional” of this year’s voices. Sadly, I just don’t think it’s quite good enough to go the distance.
  10. Scott MacIntyre, “Mandolin Rain”. I really WANT to like Scott. He’s a great story. I find myself rooting for him (even in spite of the Producers crammig him down our throats). The problem is simple though – he’s just not that great of a vocalist. He’s more of a musician who also sings, like many of his obvious influences.
  11. Megan Joy, “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree”. I really like the genre that Megan brings to the competition. The judges are right – it’s very different than the other contestants. That fun, new, folky, bubbly genre is right up her alley. The problem is, she’s just not that good! Her lower register is especially weak and prone to pushing sharp.
  12. Kris Allen, “Man In The Mirror”. Kris has potential but he’s going to have to do a ton better with song selection in the future. He was extremely lucky to make it through.
  13. Michael Sarver, “I Don’t Want To Be”. I still cannot believe that this dude is in the Top 13 – way to go, America! [sarcasm] It is an absolute travesty that this dude is here and Jamar Rogers is not.
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One Comment on “Idol Power Rankings – Top 13”

  1. Aubstar Says:

    I actually – believe it or not – pretty much agree with your picks. I would make a few minor adjustments, for instance: Jasmine would probably be the last on my list just b/c I don’t really think (like you said) that there is much that makes her stand out in my eyes. She has an OK voice and she’s cute, but she continues to pick weird songs against the judges’ advice. And even if she took their advice…who needs another Rhianna?? Also, I like Scott more than you do…I’d probably put him at a 7?? I like his voice – nothing spectacular but very Bruce Hornsbyish. I grew up listening to B.Hornsby and the Range albums…LOL. I like Lil’ Rounds – she’s great, but I think I like Alexis even better, so, my list would probably look something like:
    1. Danny, 2. Alexis, 3. Lil’ Rounds, 4. Adam, 5. Matt, 6. Allison, 7. Scott, 8. Anoop, 9. Megan, 10. Jorge, 11. Michael, 12. Kris, 13. Jasmine

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