Jermination Reading Challenge Update Feb 2009

I kicked some butt this month! I read 3 books: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, My Life In and Out of the Rough by John Daly, and Robin Hood Marketing by Katya Andersen.


Out of these three, my favorite by far was My Life In and Out of the Rough. For those of you who don’t know, John Daly is a highly skilled PGA golfer who had some good runs of golf in the 1990’s. He is also well-known for his out of control drinking, partying, overconsumption of food, his 4 marriages, and a gambling addiction. I looked forward to reading this book each time, I had trouble putting it down, and it was tremendously funny at times. Of course there is the sadness that comes from watching someone repeatedly make the wrong choice – and then seeing the consequences to those choices play out. But I take those as stern warnings for my own life. Living each day and each moment completely on gut-feel may make you a world class athlete who takes risks that tend to pay off – BUT – it does not make for deep and meaningful relationships, good health, or financial security!

Blue Like Jazz is a very well-known and high-praised book by many people that I respect greatly. But honestly, I found the book a little tedious. I kind of had to make myself get through it – it wasn’t something that I just wanted to read in the sense that I was drawn to it. It was more like doing homework. BUT there were plenty of good and insightful moments in it. I especially loved the personal stories and memories. Don Miller definitely has a gift for turning a phrase and making pretty simple conversations between two people memorable and poignant. The message of the book is awesome (even if he did take a lot of shots at people with politically conservative viewpoints!)

Robin Hood Marketing reads like an instruction manual. It is very much like a how-to guide using certain marketing techniques for non-profits. There were a few nuggets of inspiration, but overall it was a very plain book that will be easily forgotten.

I am now officially back on track for the year (my goal was 2 books per month).

How are the rest of you doing?

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4 Comments on “Jermination Reading Challenge Update Feb 2009”

  1. Eric H Says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled about Miller’s intermittent political sentiments (though as a libertarian, I understood where he was coming from in opposing certain stereotypes), but I loved Blue Like Jazz once I resolved to ignore the political bias.

    For this month, I’ve finished the following:

    Utopia by Thomas More
    How is this a classic?! Terrible!

    Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card
    This was a great book. Some of the dialogue really touched me in unexpected ways. My favorite line from the book comes in normal dialogue between two characters speaking about a ‘spiritual’ leader, which expresses an important point about the limitations of language, “I know the ordinary meaning of his words. But when he speaks, I can feel the words straining to contain the things he wants to say, and they can’t do it.”

    Wide Awake by Erwin Raphael McManus
    This is a book that would be easy to glance over and say “Yep, another inspirational Christian book.” But that would be short-changing McManus; this book, if taken seriously and applied thoughtfully, has the potential to be life-altering. I found it a very challenging (not to read, but to apply) and very encouraging read. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

  2. Avin Kline Says:

    My Goal is 1 book / week. I didn’t quite hit that this month, but I’m on track now.

    My reviews can be found here:

    1. I Can Make You Thin

    2. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

    3. Tribes

  3. Avin Kline Says:

    Are there only 3 of us left?

  4. jermtech Says:

    I know Lindsay Weed is still in, and there are other more “under the radar” participants. JLee is reading. So are Niko and JB.

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