Twitter Startup Kit

So you’ve got yourself a twitter account. Awesome! So that you can make the best use of it, here are some suggestions.

  1. Watch this short video: Twitter in Plain English
  2. Be sure to post a picture, fill in your location, and put your interests in your Bio. This is how twitterers weed out the spammers and salespeople. Fail to do these things and most people won’t follow you back.
  3. Avoid answering the question, “What are you doing?” with life’s trivialities (ie: “drinking a coke and checking email.”). Instead, think of the question more in the light of, “What’s on your mind right now?”. You’re likely to get more response that way.
  4. One of the great things about twitter is that it can be very conversational. Avoid thinking of it as a news feed, to ONLY make general statements or link to your blog posts. While those are OK to sprinkle in your twitter stream, you’re likely to get a more active following by asking questions, replying to queries, and commenting on things others have said.
  5. Be yourself! When your personality comes through in your posts, you’ll be well on your way to being an expert twitter-er.
  6. Follow some people! Twitter is an awesome way to get to know people you know in real life, but it can also be a cool way to meet new folks with shared interests, to get the inside scoop with industry leaders, or to rub elbows with some VIPs! The rest of this blog post should help give you some ideas on who to follow.

Oakbrook Staff:
@jermtech, @jlee268, @artsymom31, @joellarison, @jbbraun, @samburke@morgancafe, @nikochiko, and don’t forget the church account, @oakbrookchurch

Other Kokomo/Indiana people:
@hollering, @nursemandis, @aubstar, @megs_, @sarafuller@natrino, @stevenlowry, @chris_fairchild, @mandymalin, @avinkline, @lindsykline, @derekweed, @lindsayweed, @brandonlowry, @roguepuppet, @mmercenary, @bradconner, @jeffhart321, justindavis33,

Interesting people in Ministry:
@perrynoble, @markbatterson, @shawnwood, @kemmeyer, @tonymorganlive, @loswhit, @dinorizzo, @GeoffSurratt, @edyoung, @ShaunKing, @MarkLWaltz , @scotthodge, @pwilson, @daveferguson, @lensweet, @donmilleris

@oakbrookchurch, @ecrossroads, @buckheadchurch, @gccwired, @NCC, @newspring, @IndianaChamber, @TheJazzKitchen, @espn, @DunkinDonuts, @totalfilm, @MonsterCable, @InsideRedbox

News Outlets:
@BreakingNewsOn, @theindychannel, @USAT_Breaking, @cnnbrk, @Colts, @WTHRcom, @WISH_News, @indystar, @Drudge_Report

@mashable, @WFX

@perezhilton, @mutemath, @coldplay, @hoobastanktwit, @philwickham, @charliehallband, @johncmayer, @alisonkrauss, @michaelwsmith, @wendyandlisa, @mchammer, @thirdday, @marklee3d, @willie_nelson, @sarabareilles, @jimmyfallon, @DaveJMatthews, @davebarnesmusic

@The_Real_Shaq, @hodgman, @wilw, @levarburton, @brentspiner, @tavissmiley, @mrskutcher, @aplusk, @pennjillette, @richard_branson, @johncleese, @tylerperry, @GregGrunberg, @BreaGrant

Politicians/Policy Wonks:
@danburton, @mymanmitch, @karlrove, @sarah_palin, @newtgingrich, @tomcoburn, @michaelsteele, @BeckySkillman, @JimDeMint, @JohnBoehner, @BobbyJindal, @israelconsulate

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2 Comments on “Twitter Startup Kit”

  1. John Carlson Says:

    Thanks dude . . . I have not twitterfied yet, but if I do, this will be very helpful!

  2. Mag's Says:

    Thanks for the “Twitter Times” for newbies…I was actually looking for something like this when I signed up today.

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