Sharing our Story


My wife and I went public yesterday. We shared our story to the entire congregation in a Sunday morning service. A story of addiction and a marriage on the brink – but also a story of grace, and recovery, and finding what true intimacy in marriage is all about.

Are you an addict? Is your spouse an addict? A family member? Maybe if you don’t have a problem with the “big five” (alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex addictions, gambling) you think you’re not an addict? Perhaps you’ll rethink that after you listen to the following clip. Morgan Young setup the morning this way (mp3):

My personal addiction is pornography. I was in it for a long, long time until I got into true recovery. Our pastor, Mark Malin, interviewed my wife and I about our story. You can listen to an mp3 of the complete interview here.

Other service elements:
Bulletin Insert: Addiction Resources: Page 1 (180k jpg) Page 2 (248k jpg)
Link to the Pete Wilson blog post I referenced in the interview

Songs that supported the topic:

We began the morning with “Landslide”, the tune made so popular in the last few years by the Dixie Chicks. The song has the quality of a bittersweet memory – something that’s sad and painful, but that was ultimately good. The song is a metaphor to me, of my addiction. Addictions are landslides. The earth falls out from under you and you find yourself up to your ears in mud. But the song also has a “resolve” about it that I really like. The songwriter talks about the passing of time and growing older (and hopefuly wiser). It was just a beautiful way to start the morning.

After Morgan’s awesome setup to the topic, special guest Cameron Sprinkle let it rip on a Linkin Park tune named, “Easier To Run”. I know what you’re thinking – they did a Linkin Park song in CHURCH??? Why yes, we did. The song just NAILS the dilemma that an addict faces. They hate the thing that controls them, yet they can’t break free. They would like to change, and to end the pain that it causes, and to get beyond it – but it’s just so much easier to run from it. Lyrics can be found here.

After my wife and I told our story, I sang a song that has been been really important to me in my recovery (along with Charlie Hall’s “Marvelous Light”). The song is Bebo Norman’s “Great Light Of The World”. Check out the lyrics to this awesome song here.

I asked our sound guys to play the song, “Whatever You’re Doing” by the band Sanctus Real as people exited the auditorium. If you’ve never heard it before, please take a listen. It’s an awesome one about surrendering to the real source of change.

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5 Comments on “Sharing our Story”

  1. avin Says:

    Great recap – looking forward to listening/watching.

  2. […] You can read and listen, and experience their story and the whole experience at Jeremy’s blog here:  […]

  3. Justin Davis Says:

    Praying that God uses your story to help set hundreds of people free…thanks for taking a risk and going first! Trisha and watched last night and the service was powerful start to finish!

  4. Maria Says:

    Jeremy and Mandy,
    The great thing about family is they love you no matter what. You both are very brave. I love you and I’m very proud of the work that you do.

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