Auto Bailout (from Facebook Status Discussion!)

(moved this discussion over to the blog after it got quite lengthy on the status updates!)

Jeremy: I know I’m not the first to say it, but still…what if the Government just bought $17B worth of cars? Wouldnt that be of more help?

Randy Bennett: heh i think your onto something but dont you think padding people’s pockets is more lucrative. buy cars and help the economy…pshh why would Bush want to end out on a high note.

Richard Wright: I am usually not one to comment on politics but think about this…….When I took Government in school I was taught the President could not pass anything with out a passing vote from the House and Senate. Bush hasn’t done anything alone except maybe the war but that too was passed by Congress. I know, I know, lets all hate Bush…….It is the trendy thing to do. No I did not vote for the man but that doesn’t mean that if I burn breakfast it is his fault.

Jeff Bennington: In a recent response to a comment at, I made the following comments about the Presidents ability to bring change. Of course I believe inspiring change and making change happen are 2 different things. Anyway, here is what I wrote….

“I hear you brother! There isn’t any evidence that a President in recent history has actually … Read Morekept in touch with the reality of his constituents. A Pres. has so many voices… so many influences and forces coming at him that it is impossible for him to listen to all of that input and not be influenced himself. And I do not believe that those voices (i.e. his cabinet, advisors, and business leaders) are meek and mild! The Pres. is not the only one in Washington with an agenda. And I’m sorry, but I don’t think anyone could hold up to the kind of pressure that he will be under by those voices… the powers that be.
If the Pres. actually had the nerve and stamina to hold his own for four years, we would be in a different country right now. If it was that easy to remain true to the American public, than we would still be a republic rather than a Businesstocracy. But we are not the republic; we are not a democracy. America has been duped! And if you watched how … Read Moreecstatic and happy the voters were whenever Barrack spoke, no matter what he said, it is obvious that we have not learned a single single thing about how politicians work. What has he said that is new? What part of tax relief, health care, budget balancing or jobs for all have we not heard before? Listen, the Pres. is no longer in a position to make a difference for the American people. Barrack will find that out soon enough and he will be just as disillusioned as we are!”

Roland Walker Rydstrom: sadly, i just read in the new york post that oprah is now buying a home in georgetown to be closer to b.o. i can’t WAIT to see all the great change she helps him bring. UGH!

and jeremy: i’m ALL ABOUT this plan for our government to buy the cars. ruthie and truck can have the new pacifica and i’ll just take theirs used!

Richard Wright: If we want to look at how the economy has taken a crapper lets start with the consumer. If a bank is willing to give me a loan for $400,000 to by a house but I only make $50,000 a year, is it smart to take the loan knowing that I will not be able to make the payments once my VARIABLE rate goes up? I am not saying that we are all to blame and the … Read Moreidiot banking is not, after all he also should not have approved that loan but a little common sense would have said get something I can truely afford instead of something that will impress others. I am not impressed that they were forclosed on and now my tax dollars are paying for their home when I bought within my means. In the military we have a saying “Common sense is not so common.” As a country we prove it everyday………..

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One Comment on “Auto Bailout (from Facebook Status Discussion!)”

  1. Eric H Says:

    From Friedrich Hayek in the Road to Serfdom:

    It may be the unanimously expressed will of the people that its parliament should prepare a comprehensive economic plan, yet neither the people nor its representatives need therefore be able to agree on any particular plan. The inability of democratic assemblies to carry out what seems to be the clear mandate of the people will inevitably cause dissatisfaction with democratic institutions. (p. 104, Chicago definitive edition).

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