Merry Fishmas!

Some time ago, I was discussing with a friend about the ridiculous amounts of energy Christians spend each year protesting the use of the abbreviation “Xmas.” It seems that modern-day Christians believe that this abbreviation is an effort to remove Christ from Christmas. They seem to be offended that “secular humanists” would stoop so low as to remove Christ from the name of the holy holiday. It is spoken about with the same amount of contempt as the effort to remove “In God We Trust” from the U.S. currency. The belief is widespread and it recycles every year, gaining new followers and new ways to spread its fervor (ie: facebook).

BUT WAIT. Modern day secularists aren’t the origin of the “X” in Xmas. CHRISTIANS are. 16th century Christians, no less. For you see, the transliteration of “Christ” in the Greek language is “Xristos”, which begins with the Greek letter, “X” (chi). “Xmas” was an ecclesiastical abbreviation used by churchmen in tables & charts.

Back to my conversation with my friend. The thought struck me. If many Christians are ignorant to the fact that the “X” in “Xmas” actually is an ancient and honored abbreviation for “Christ”, then perhaps we need to make a change. Something that would be easily understood by everyone. Something that would ring true to believers everywhere. Something that would seem appropriate to be slapped on the back of an old minivan and sold in Christian bookstores everywhere for $5.95. [sense sarcasm] Something that would be instantly associated with Jesus. So to all you Christians out there who are embarrassed by “Xmas”, we proudly present a new abbreviation you can be proud of:


Yes, hypersensitive and knee-jerk Christians, I’m making fun of you. In the future, please try and make an effort to understand something before you go out and protest it. Heck, at least do a Wikipedia search – would that kill you?

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8 Comments on “Merry Fishmas!”

  1. Eric H Says:

    Learn something new every day.

  2. Eric H Says:

    By the way, have you ever read the story behind “In God We Trust” on the money?

  3. jermtech Says:

    I thought I had…refresh my memory.

  4. Eric H Says:

    Well, the version I heard (and I can’t remember from where) came from a letter at some point in the discourse of the days after the Civil War in which they had considered the collapse of the greenback, and, in preparing to create another government monopoly on currency, someone asked how another collapse could be prevented, and it was from this that the letters credited on the Wikipedia entry arose. But the Wiki quotes sound more about maintaining the union than about maintaining a currency, so now I really wish I knew where I had originally heard the story. Anyway, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry:

  5. jermtech Says:

    After you posted the question, I went and looked up the wiki. Interesting.

  6. Natrino Says:


    I was talking to someone about this just the other night.

  7. James Says:

    Great post! I never knew the history myself until I was reading a similar post by Morgan but it has always puzzled me how so many Christians spend so much energy fighting this. It seems, at times, that some Christians just try to find something to complain about. Imagine what could be done if all that energy was put into something that could change someone’s life or even bring them the life changing message of Jesus.

  8. Derek Says:

    Outstanding post Jeremy! I also could never understand why christians spent so much time protesting “Xmas”. Also, I just learned something new this evening. Thank you again for the post!

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