Post-Election Thoughts

I have been asked many times in the past week or so about my post-election thoughts and why I haven’t posted anything about it. After all, aren’t I the one who loves politics and getting into the thick of it and all? If you’ve wondered that, this post is for you.

1. One of the main reasons I’ve been so quiet is that I’ve already said quite a bit. Here’s the proof:

2. Another reason is that I have been overwhelmed with election fatigue. Seriously. I was so sick of it I was turning it all off. Left AND Right wing stuff – all off. I couldn’t take it anymore. And for a guy who loves politics and loves public discourse and debating the issues of the day to get sick of it all is really saying something.

3. I felt I was contributing to the noise level. Once it reaches a point of saturation, everybody tunes out. There’s no need to cry from the rooftops anymore. Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.

4. Tony Morgan posted some great post-election thoughts that I couldn’t top at his blog.

5. I got to a pont of resolve about it. Whatever happened would happen. I also went to my knees and asked God to help me deal with stuff. Then I prayed for the candidates. All three of them (including Bob Barr). I had been through the entire process then. I got educated myself, then I tried to help others see what I saw and understand what I understood. Then I shut up and let people make their own decisions. Then I went to my knees. Done deal.

So how was that process for you? I saw and heard many people still duking it out up until election day. Then I saw a bunch of sour grapes and bad attitudes in the days after the election. What did you see?

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One Comment on “Post-Election Thoughts”

  1. Eric H Says:

    What I saw was an old battle of ideas, for which this election cycle became a symbol, that was escalating rapidly and intensely from several angles; it will quiet down for a while but will not end anytime soon.

    Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.

    I totally agree with this statement (the sentiment also informs my libertarian position on moral issues). Speaking solely for myself, election-time is a time when people are seeking answers to big questions about politics and government, and so for me, and many like me on several sides, it became an opportunity to offer up our views to the people who are looking for answers and are open to exploration. At least that’s my interpretation. For me, it parallels much of what Mark talked about on Sunday, only in a different realm of life.

    I enjoyed the discourse with those who disagreed with my perspective, and was only put off when people expected me to reverse my opinion but wouldn’t consider my counterarguments. Of course, this made me reflect more on how I behave, which was beneficial in the end as well.

    A slew of Christian libertarians and anarchists have me thinking much more about the relationship between Christ followers and the State. I’ve also been challenged by you and others on the premise of liberty regarding select issues, and on net being challenged usually gets us closer to the truth. For me, the effect for now has split me into 2 perspectives — one radical & idealist, and one pragmatic. I look forward to refining those perspectives as the signal-to-noise ratio improves post-election.

    As for our new President-elect, it’s a done deal. I’ve resolved to pray for him and reserve any political praise or criticism for actual actions rather than speculation about his ideas.

    I believe the most true statement I read on Tony Morgan’s blog is this: “I believe God is sovereign and that he’s the only answer to real change in our lives and in our communities.” No matter where you fall politically, this should be the mantra.

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