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One of my favorite quotes recently is by Craig Groeschel, pastor of He said, “To reach those that no one else is reaching, we must do things that no one else is doing.” Think about that statement for a moment in the context of your church. What are you doing to reach the mass of people in your community that normally wouldn’t walk through your doors?

Craig Groeschel should know what he’s talking about – is one of the most innovative multi-site church models in the country. They currently have 12 campuses in 6 states, not including their “internet campus” which draws thousands each week. Craig knows about doing things no one else is doing.

One of the things my church family, Oakbrook Church, is doing that no one else is doing is a 3-week series topically using the music of the Beatles, followed by a 90 minute concert celebrating their awesome catalog of songs. It is called, “The Beatles: Life. Love. Faith.,” and begins on October 26, 2008, running through Novemeber 9th, which is also the date of the evening concert. It is being billed as “3 Sunday morning experiences and 1 awesome night of music.”  |  websiteyoutube videobuy tickets onlineproduction blog

This is one of the most ambitious and challenging events we’ve ever tried to do. Frankly, this music is hard. It’s hard because we’re not just doing the early easier Beatles songs, but we’re doing the songs that nobody performs live because they’re too hard. Songs like: Strawberry Fields Forever, Eleanor Rigby, Hello Goodbye, Here Comes The Sun, Blackbird, All You Need Is Love, and Lady Madonna. Of course we’ll be doing some of the easier classics too, like Can’t Buy Me Love, Revolution, I Feel Fine, and If I Fell. And then there’s a special treat – a brass section feature that is an Earth Wind & Fire cover version of the song, Got To Get You Into My Life. Did I say brass section? Why yes I did! We’ll have a full brass section, plus some string players (violins and cello), plus some other interesting and vintage instruments. There is a post about some of these instruments on the production blog right now. In total, we will have 26 different musicians and 17 different vocalists participating in the concert.

Many of you are probably wondering why a church would do this. Why would a church try to leverage the music of The Beatles to reach the unchurched? The best way to explain it is to see a short clip of Lead Pastor Mark Malin as he answers that very question. Watch it here.

So will you be coming to the concert? What about the three week series? Aren’t you the least bit curious what our teaching team will have to say about the topis of Life, Love, and Faith? And how those issues are still the most relevant questions our culture is asking today?

For those of you out of state or who attend other church families – what is your church doing that no one else is doing, so that you can reach people no one else is reaching?

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