The Craziness that was “Jermtech Week”

It all started a couple of months ago when a friend of mine, Collin Obremski, started calling me “jermtech”. I can only assume it was because it is my AIM nickname, my YouTube channel name, but most probably because its also my twitter name. Funnier than the name itself is the way he says it, though. It always has this implied “making fun of you with a straight face” feel to it.

So, naturally, a group of about 45 people now call me “Jermtech”. It’s suddenly like I have no other name.

Well, Sunday night my friend Joel announces, “I’m going to blog about my admiration for Jermtech this week.” Overhearing this, Jason Lee says that he would, too. Joel then says, “We should just make it Jermtech Week!” Pretty soon, Sarah Montgomery, Niko Gruber, and Morgan Young were in on it.

It’s one of the weirdest experiences of my life. It spread like wildfire throughout my FaceBook and Twitter worlds. At last count, there were 48 people that joined the “Jermtech Week Group” on Facebook. And there are about 25 people who changed their name and picture on FaceBook in honor of yours truly.

When I came to work for the week, I got a standing ovation from my co-workers who then yelled, “Happy Jermtech Week”. Those same words were written on the WhiteBoard. And then, of course, there were the 50 or so flyers Niko Gruber hung all around the building with my ugly mug on them and the friendly greeting, “Happy Jermtech Week!”

Following that staff meeting we headed to Programming meeting, where a few of us select music, drama, and video elements for each service. I noticed that the beginning of the meeting was kind of dragging and not much “work” was being done…like everybody was waiting for something. Duh. It’s Jermtech week. In walks Drew Larison with this cake. He also had a 6-pack of glass-bottled Coca-Cola (mmmmmmm). He had remembered that I am one of the weird people that swear Coke tastes different out of glass than it does from plastic.

A few hours later, they let me pick the place to go for lunch together. I selectd Hacienda (love those chips and salsa). We had a great time. When it was over and the checks had been paid, the server chick told us to have a great day and thanks for coming. I replied, “Happy Jermtech Week!” She went with it and said “Thanks, you too” or something. We all lost it.

And then there were the blogs. You can read them here, here, here, here, and here.

Special recognition should also go to Joshua Meyers, who somehow convinced Facebook to let him change his full name to BingBong YaGotchca JermtechWeek.

All the Facebook and Twitter users were also very creative in their status updates all week. Kudos!

I posted earlier this week that it was a little like wandering into your own funeral. Everyone is taking turns saying nice things about you and celebrating the weird uniqueness that God gave you…pretty cool, actually.

So thanks to everyone who did something to make me feel special this week. It has been one of the weridly cool expeiences of my life. It’s so great to have friends who want to be around you and celebrate life with you. Thanks everybody!

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3 Comments on “The Craziness that was “Jermtech Week””

  1. Cara Says:

    Awesome! Happy Jermtech week, Jermtech!

  2. sarah Says:

    next year…same time same place!

  3. willyang Says:

    I haven’t tried too many 808-type pedals but I had a barber small fry and it was a great pedal. It more control and functionality than an ibanez or maxon ts808. I’m still waiting on my timmy pedal…I may bump off the LTD silver when it arrives.

    The GLs are great. Simple and east to use…some people have had bad experiences with them but I think they are one of the best cables on the market.

    I play mostly at church here in Atlanta, how about you?

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