Everything Sucks

I’m really tired of the “everything sucks” mentality of our culture right now. People’s taste and appreciation for anything outside of their little niche is narrowing. This is the downside to the “playlist society”. The ability to pick and choose has ultimately crippled people’s ability to grow as music lovers, movie buffs, readers, art appreciators,gamers, diners, shoppers, writers, bloggers, listeners…

Think about it:

It is now possible to visit 27 different restaurants and get breaded chicken strips and fries at each and every one of them.

It is possible to live your entire life without having to experience a new musical genre if you don’t want to.

It is possible to go through your entire adulthood and never be challenged emotionally by a great film.

It is possible to never again read a book once you leave high school.

It is possible to live in Kokomo your entire life and never see a play, never see a symphony, never hear an opera, never even see a print of a Van Gogh, Picasso, or MonΓ©t, never visit a jazz or blues club, never experience any other cultures but your own.

I have heard people say:

“All country music sucks.”

“I hate jazz.”

“I only listen to _____ music (or band).”

“I don’t like _____ movies, they’re too _____.”

“___________ (type of art form) is gay.”

“Reading is for geeks and nerds.”

“I hate _________ (type of food).”

This way of thinking, my friends is why your life “sucks”. It is why you see the world through a lens of “suckiness.” Humans are happiest when we experience new things, when we grow beyond our current capacities, when we feel something new, when we hear something new, when we see something for the first time, when we agree with someone or disagree with someone because we’ve engaged the debate instead of sitting on the sidelines. We come alive when we take risks, when we are daring, when we are entrepreneurial.

But sadly, living life that way is out of style now. We are cubicle-inhabitors. We are slaves to our own playlists. We are whiny. We are spoiled. We are shallow. Everything that is outside our existing frame of reference, “sucks.”

God help us.

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13 Comments on “Everything Sucks”

  1. Natalie Smoak Says:

    Great new post! It doesn’t suck. Love it, in fact! Most of the time when people say something sucks, they haven’t even experienced it. I am more ok with people saying they don’t like something if they actually know what they are talking about. But, sometimes when I ask my students, “Why don’t you like this?,” they have no idea. It’s only because someone else who is “cool” said “it sucks” first and they are just following like minions. Argh. It’s hard not to say that the “this sucks” movement is the one thing that really does suck. Does that make me like them? πŸ˜‰

  2. Aubri Says:

    I agree with Natalie – love the new post! You are totally correct in saying that it is all to easy to just live in this tiny little “playlist” world where we keep the blinders on 24/7. And we ARE a society of convenience. Everything at our fingertips…”have it your way.” πŸ˜‰ On the flip-side of the coin…it also bugs me when EVERYONE LOVES something just because it is deemed “cool” by the media or critics – this includes certain bands and actors and movies. For instance…I love Coldplay…I loved them from their debut album…but I can’t say that I am head-over-heels about the new album, “Viva la Vida” – it isn’t their best work. (great, now everyone will hunt me down for that statement) Everyone else seems to think it is the BEST THING EVER…but I don’t. I prefer their old albums. I like “Parachutes” and I LOVE “A Rush of Blood…” Where were all of the die-hard fans when those albums hit the stores???? LOL. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  3. Eric H Says:

    The beauty of art is its subjectivity. However, I think your own assessment of other people is actually a little pessimistic (if I may say so). The way I see it most of the world is growing to appreciate subjectivity in art. Seems like the whole world is moving toward conceptual thought and niche markets. But then again, I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about that so I might be very biased.

  4. loudandclear87 Says:

    this blog post sucks

  5. deb Says:

    Great post Jeremy. Being a “forty-something” and having lived a bit of life, I look around now and see kids/adults not wanting to push themselves to have ‘experiences’ in life. They can’t pull away from work/computers/stuff long enough to actually ENGAGE in life. There is SO much out there to see, do, enjoy….God’s creations along with being with family and friends and in the end,,,,that is all we have…our wisdom through experience to share with our children and others in need. “Sucky” stuff happens to us so we become wiser, more compassionate people, so we can help a loved one or friend through a ‘challenge’ that we may have experienced ourselves…and come out the other side stronger, happier, more self-loving, more self-sufficient with a feeling of self-worth. And if we can help others through the ‘sucky’ things….we are being Christ like and isn’t that what life is all about?

  6. jermtech Says:

    Natalie: Thanks! Yes, I didn;t want to bring it up, but the myopia does tend to skew younger I’m afraid.”

    Aubri: But at least you’re not a hater! you could be all, “this band used to be totally awesome before people started to listening to them and now they they’ve sold out and totally suck!”

    Eric: you continue to be refreshingly on the non-status quo of issues. A sure sign of Armegeddon will be when you’re on the mainstream bandwagon with everybody else.

    Joel…your comment sucks.

    Deb…thanks for visiting and for giving us your thoughts! It is my hope that I forever remain open to new ideas, thoughts, experiences, genres…no matter how “mature” I get. (BTW, I’m not too far from 40-something…yikes.)

  7. deb Says:

    Hey…I dig reading everyone’s bloggs. Am trying to start one myself but get tongue tied every-time…guess I need to just be “me” since it is MY blogg! yes?! Hate it that with ‘maturity’ and becoming a parent, that sense of carefree and adventure is shadowed with caution…and I HATE it since I am an artist by nature. Like…I cancelled Sky Diving because I kept thinking what would happen if my parachute didn’t open??? OMGOSH! What would my family do? So you see, I want people to know that when they are so young, they need to go out and do those cool, neat things,,,,,mountain climb, sky dive, see the world, see a movie, get out of your cubicle!!! DO it people and stop whining! There is so much out there and we don’t get to see, taste, smell, feel but about 1/1,000,000,000,000,000(u get the idea) th of it is all we try because we are ‘afraid’ to be daring and take a chance on ourselves. So sad……….GO! DO IT!!!!!! Before it is too late…

  8. tumultuous88 Says:

    but seriously… your music sucks.


  9. morgan Says:

    Amen. I am living this in my own home. My 15 yr old beautiful daughter Meg is clearly an “artsy” type and seemingly everything she doesn’t like, sucks. I am constantly trying to convey to her that “different” doesn’t equal “sucks.” And I must admit, this has helped me back off on some of my strong opinions. I said “some” πŸ˜‰

  10. Drama Mama Says:

    I agree! I teach high school and I probably hear, “This sucks!” or “That sucks!” at least ten times a day or more. I usually challenge the student and say, “Why and How do you know it sucks? Have you tried it?” Their reply? Usually, “Well, I no I haven’t tried it yet.” Sometimes I will go to yahoomusic and play some song from a band that I know they like when they are entering my classroom and they are amazed that I am listening to it. I love their reactions. I like them to know that I enjoy a plethora of genres from country to jazz to oldies to Josh Groban and even Green Day!

  11. NeedingGrace Says:

    But what if I don’t like something? What am I supposed to do, keep trying it? That seems a lot like not learning from my mistakes. And if I truly think something sucks, am I not ok to express my opinion? And by the sounds of your post, you are esentially saying that people saying “things suck”, sucks. So, you are kind of using the thing you hate to make the point that you hate it…kind of a circular argument, eh?

  12. jermtech Says:

    Obviously, I wasn’t referring to people who have genuinely given something a chance and just don’t care for it. Viva la difference. But then – after that – why would you lead a crusade against it? You don’t like it? Fine. But why start an argument?

    My animosity is reserved for small-minded people who refuse to try new things while insulting and ridiculing those who do.

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