The Nephilim?

[Picture credit: I found this pic online. The signature says, “Impressions Games” which makes me think this picture was commissioned and used in the marketing of the game, Zeus: Master Of Olympus. A 1024×768 version can be found here.]

Have you ever read the passage from Genesis 6 about the “sons of God?” Is it possible that fallen angels took human forms, and intermarried with the daughters of men, creating giants – men of superhuman strength, intelligence, and supernatural abilities? Could this be where the Greek myths come from? Could this be where the “giants” came from that the children of israel had to expel from the Promised Land? Could the sons of men have so contaminated the human gene pool that it caused God to wipe them all away with the Great Flood?

WARNING: You non-literal interpretationists are going to have some trouble with this study.

To read the study I’m referring to, go here:

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10 Comments on “The Nephilim?”

  1. drama mama Says:

    I went to the link you suggested. I was raised to believe that these were fallen angles also. I didn’t remember the other passages though that suggest they reappeared after the flood as well. It makes sense to me. It’s kind of creepy to think about though. Could it be that the clairvoyant, ghost whisperers, and psychics today are descendents of some of these people/fallen angels? I think they very well could be. Their powers don’t come from God in my eyes and some say that their family history suggests that their ancestors also possessed these abilities to talk with the dead, etc. . . .

  2. jermtech Says:

    My feeling on Psychics, etc. is that demons (ie: fallen angels) are masquerading as sources of light, and speaking to these people. That’s how they can seemingly “know” things that they shouldn’t know. Sometimes these people can be surprisingly good at telling you “secrets” about someone from the past or present. BUT these people are always lousy at telling the future. WHY? Because no one except God knows the future – not even Satan and his demons.

  3. jermtech Says:

    The stumbling block with most people on the Sons of God being fallen angels is the contradiction that the Sons of God were capable of reproduction with humans, whereas the Bible states that angels are neither male nor female.

    So you would have to believe that either Satan and the fallen angels were able to modify themselves, or they were able to possess humans while altering their DNA, or they were able to create a surrogate somehow. Any which way involves angels possessing a power which is not explicitly stated in the Bible. Kind of fun to think about, though.

  4. bosten Says:

    wish i had aposter of it.

  5. juli Says:

    please, i want to know where is download zeus : master of olympus free. if u have please give for me. thanks a lot.

  6. kayle Says:

    i will alwas think that this is really wrong.

  7. bill Says:

    zuses musles are hot like my grandpa.

  8. bill Says:

    andd brian peppers eyes.

  9. JJ Says:

    This is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL wrong! there are 5 goddesses and 7 gods! not 4 Goddesses and 8 gods!!!!

  10. Meg Says:

    actually JJ … those are all correct gods and goddesses there are actually like three times as many but it was for a game so they prolly only used the characters mostly seen in game.
    In that pic I see Hephaestus (Smithy of the Gods), Ares (God of War), Poseidon (God of the Seas), Zeus (God of Olympus), Athena (Goddess of Wisdom), Hermes (God of Messages), Demeter (Goddess of Harvest), Baccus (God of Wine), Cupid (God of Love), Hades(God of the Underworld), Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), and Artemis (Goddess of the Moon)
    There are a lot of gods and goddesses I don’t see though, like, Hera. Cupid could also be seen as Apollo but Apollo isn’t an archer he’s more a gladiator type on his golden chariot.
    So in that pic there are 4 Goddesses, 7 Gods, and 1 lesser god

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