This past Sunday service was the last of our “FamilyMap.Info” series. The day’s topic was, “Beyond 18: Setting Your Kids Up To Win For Life”. So for a fun number to set up the topic that day, we did the Jamie Collum song, “TwentySomething”.

Note: the IMAG quality is not great – sorry about that. But the audio’s pretty clean – and sounds pretty darn good if you’ve got some BASS in your speakers 🙂

Vocalist: Collin Obremski
Drums: Morgan Young (on a super small kit: triggered kick, snare, hat, 1 tom, and 1 cymbal)
Upright Acoustic Bass: yours truly walking the dog
Guitar: Sam Burke (our student ministries guy playing my Dad’s Aria 335 hollow body copy)
Piano: Dave Bottomley
Saxes: Stephen Fox (tenor), Adrian Bottomley (Alto), Monty Sanders (Soprano

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2 Comments on “TwentySomething”

  1. Eric H Says:

    This was a lot of fun — actually had me smiling at 10:15 in the morning with no coffee…impressive.

  2. collin Says:

    I appreciate the tag of my full name. i feel spatial

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