More on the Weighting of Issues

No one wanted to addres the weighting of issues. So here’s something to stir the pot:

Number of U.S. Confirmed Military Deaths since the start of the Iraq war:

And there is a backlash of hatred toward Bush and Cheney because of it. In the minds of many people, these deaths are senseless because they do not believe in the reasons we are over there.

But wait.

Number of U.S. Confirmed Abortions since the start of the Iraq war:

and the response to that is….nothing. Not a peep.

Why are some deaths more meaningful than others? How can we decry the one and ignore the other? Where is the consistency of moral ethic in that?

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3 Comments on “More on the Weighting of Issues”

  1. loudandclear87 Says:

    i guess my ideal government and candidate hates both….war and abortion

    i would argue that both are not necessary and immoral… there is my weight

  2. Eric H Says:

    Well, obviously you know I agree with Joel 100%.

    I also understand that you’re pointing out the hypocrisy of the Democratic candidates (as well as many libertarians, with whom I and the rest of the libertarians strongly disagree), so no issue there for me either. The problem is that the opposition does not recognize the aborted babies as lives, a blind spot that I am ashamed to say I myself experienced for a while until the truth of it hit me like a sledgehammer!

    Of course, hating war doesn’t mean it is always avoidable, but the more you hate it, the more you would try to avoid it. I don’t like the preemptive policy that says if there might eventually be a problem, well then dive right in! Oh, and by the way, we’ll go around the Constitutional process so that the President can do what we all want and the members of Congress don’t have to be held accountable for it, thus leaving the pro-war Democrats with deniability.

    What they’ve done is turn this into a partisan issue — now neither the Democrats or Republicans seem to be able to think clearly about the truth of what happened, who was on board, and how we move forward.

  3. jermtech Says:

    Yes – I am not justifying the war (at least not in this post), I just think that people who are outraged about the “pointless” loss of life in Iraq need to have AT LEAST an equal amount of sadness and disgust for the much bigger loss of innocent life.

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