The Weighting of Issues

OK…so this is a continuation of the Obama and Christians thread from a couple weeks ago.

The general consensus from the comments to that post seems to be that you all think I am prioritizing moral issues too high in comparison to other issues when it comes to politics. Adam kind of summed up the feeling best with the whole “culture of life” or “issue consistency” line of thinking.

First, I’d like to point out that my numerically itemized list of problems with Obama’s stances on the issues were NOT prioritized in any way. They were just the way they came out of my brain as I typed. It was pure luck that abortion was the first item in my list. I am just as firm in my belief that a welfare state harms the people you’re trying to help and creates a permanent underclass as I am protective of life. I take offense to the implication that I am one of the “Moral Majority” single issue voters out there. That could not be further from the truth.

But my main topic in this post is this: How do you “weight” the importance of issues? Is the issue of fixing potholes on the same level as say, drug dealing? Is the issue of affirmative action more or less important than welfare reform? Should justice in the tax code be a higher priority than preventing as many murders as possible?

I believe in an integrated life. I believe that all issues have a moral component. For example, every city budget has a limit. You can’t have everything. If fixing potholes means we have to sacrifice salaries for our policemen or teachers or ambulance drivers, then the issue of potholes becomes very much a MORAL issue.

You guys who are saying we shouldn’t vote for morals are missing the point. They’re ALL moral issues. And it’s up to every person to use their best judgement and spiritual discernment to decide which candidate meets the most of your criteria.

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