WfX Notes

I just got back from attending the Worship Facilities Convention & Expo at the Indiana Convention Center. Here’s some preliminary thoughts:

It was my first WFX, although I’ve been to other tech conferences such as NAB a couple of times. In comparison, WFX is SMALL. I was expecting it to be a lot bigger. For example, here’s a pic taken today at the Apple Booth (click for bigger image):

Pretty lame, huh? At NAB, Apple’s was one of the biggest, best, and most interactive booths.

But I did see some cool stuff. Our church owns a couple of JVC HD100 cameras, and I stopped by the JVC booth to ask about battery packs, hard drive recording, and wireless packages. They were very helpful and, in fact, had the package I was looking for on display:

The Anton-Bauer battery pack would extend battery life to approx. 3-4 hours instead of the current 40 minutes with the stock JVC battery. The AB batt would also power the ProHD 100GB hard drive addition, which uses the FireWire output of the camera and records in native QuickTime format for FCP users. This means the end of CAPTURING! Yay! Just plug the hard drive into the computer and begin editing immediately. The 100GB drive will record 8-12 hours of QuickTime format depending on CODEC.

Another cool thing I ran into was two of the newer digital mixing desks: The Yamaha PM5D and the Allen & Heath iLive Console. SWEET!

On the video side, I was in awe at the Renewed Vision booth. These are the guys who create the programs, “Pro Presenter”, “ProVideoPlayer”, and “ProVideoSync”. I got a detailed, in-person run-down on ProVideoPlayer and ProVideoSync and I was vey appreciative of the time he spent with me. I feel like i have a good grasp on the two key ministry tools now. If you don’t know, ProVideoPlayer is software that allows you to do the huge widescreen backdrops on stages as seen at WillowCreek, Granger, NorthPoint, Catalyst, BigStuf, Passion Tour, etc. ProVideSync is software that allows you to playback multiple video streams in sync for a multi-site campus (a la Buckhead).

Well, that’s about it. There was a lot of typical boring church stuff. Architects, builders, pew companies, a stained glass company, etc. And there was the usual sound installer companies and lighting distributors, and a few manufacturers (a couple LED fixture companies were there. Interesting – but the technology is just not quite there yet in my opinion.)

Enough for now,


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9 Comments on “WfX Notes”

  1. For what it’s worth… Apple wasn’t even at NAB this year. The punted.

    I find WFX and NRB shows to be pretty useful, actually. They are smaller. In the case of WFX, they’ve split it up into two shows (VERY BAD DECISION, I think) so it’s probably even smaller.

    But, all of the major manufacturers are there… and you can get time with them. At NAB, you’re going to be lucky to get good quality time with a product rep. Mostly it’s sales types who may or may not know what they’re talking about.

    At the smaller shows, you get pretty knowlegable folks, and they have time for you. That’s nice!

  2. jermtech Says:

    That’s probably true, Kirk – the JVC guys spent quite a bit of time with me, too. Thanks for the visit!

  3. cb Says:

    nice report. Are we considering going digital at some point in the not too distant future?

  4. jermtech Says:

    I dunno. I still have a lot of mixed feelings about it (no pun intended.) And our current console is still one of the better units out there, and we still have room to grow on it.

  5. Great report! WFX in Atlanta (last Oct) was sizable for this type of show. However, it will probably be the last of that size. WFX went to two shows this years which puts a strain on manufactures to support it from a National level, especially when there is concerns with the economy. Therefore, region sales managers or big dealers are left to support the event.

    The idea is good to have an east and west coast show, but it doesn’t work out within the same year. I have seen this tried several times. It would be better to do like many do and have an east coast on year and a west coast the next.

  6. jermtech Says:

    Thanks for the comments and for visiting me, Brent. I agree – it forces manufacturers to chose which one they’re going to support.

  7. Jason Lee Says:

    mmmmm…. pro video player… 3 screens… I can see it.. 🙂

  8. bRaD Says:

    Thanks for the kind words about ProPresenter, ProVideoPlayer, and ProVideoSync. It was our pleasure to help you.

    I should note that NAB is one of the largest shows in the United States, so it’s hard to do a good comparison with it and WFX. The Fall show in Atlanta was much larger, and this Fall’s show in Houston will also be fairly large (about twice the size of Indianapolis)… This is their first Spring show and everyone was a bit cautious about how it was going to be.

  9. jermtech Says:

    Wow bRaD, how in the world did you find my little blog? Are you on the CSC list?

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