MPAA Chief Concedes: Pirates Also Go To The Movies
IMDb Studio Briefing

The head of the Motion Picture Association of America, an organization that some Internet users have accused of using legal strongarm tactics to prevent them from downloading recent movies from the Web, has acknowledged that the downloaders go to movie theaters in far greater numbers than others. Speaking to the National Press Club in Washington on Monday, Glickman suggested that his organization is attempting to come up with a business model that will accommodate Internet users. “There’s no question in my mind that the studios hear their customers loud and clear on this point,” he said. “There are technology and policy issues to work through. But we’ll get there, advancing both the theatrical experience and the anytime, anywhere enjoyment of movies that consumers clearly want today and that technology is making possible. I think we’ll soon see some progress that will really open up how exciting this future could be for all of us.”

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3 Comments on “Vindication!”

  1. Eric H Says:

    That’s crazy! You mean music and movie lovers are the ones downloading media from the Internet?

    I remember when downloading was not so taboo, and trading bootlegs and obscure bands via FTP was super-in among music lovers. Not saying anything about my personal habits, but from experience it would seem that there is a definite correlation between the ability to find new media to fall in love with and the actual purchasing of said media. I know at least one college student who purchased A LOT of media after discovering it via file swapping. That same unnamed person’s purchasing habits dipped BIG TIME when the RIAA and MPAA started cracking down, and it was not out of spite.

  2. jermtech Says:

    Yeah – my post was not so much a defense of digital pilfering as it was a thorough celebration that the industry is starting to see that digital downloads are the future of business and that they should embrace it, not fear it.

  3. Eric H Says:

    Mine too, actually. I just approached it from the other angle. Back in the day we didn’t see it as pilfering. We saw it as discovering. We were just ten years ahead of the industry.

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