Yeshua ben Nazareth

Aren’t you tired of seeing the white, European, fair-skinned, flowing-hair, 6’4″ portraits of Jesus?

I mean, sure, everyone wants to believe in a Jesus that is relatable to their own life – and I get that – its just that – isn’t all just a little too Euro-centric?

Jesus was not white. He was an average-looking, middle-eastern man of the 1st Century. In 2002, Popular Mechanics Magazine did a cover story called “The Face of Jesus”. In it, they used modern forensic reconstruction techniques on an average 1st-century jewish male skull. So while this is not the actual “face” of Jesus (because it was not made from Jesus’ skull but someone else’s), it is far closer to the truth than what the Master Paintings have given us…

link to the Popular Mechanics story

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