Chew on this for a while

Imagine that you just heard on the news that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was going to be meeting and speaking with NeoNazis in Germany. Suppose there had been ongoing violence in Germany for decades because this NeoNazi group was making a resurgence and was causing all kids of problems for the German Jews, as well as the mainstream culture. They had taken up arms. There had been car bombs. Businesses were being looted and burned. And last week three Jewish teens had been beaten to death by this group.

The U.N. Security Council had labeled this group as a terrorist organization and hate group. Therefore they have forbidden formal diplomatic relations.

Mr. Blair would explain that as an reasonable person he would be willing to defy the UN and meet with anyone – even the NeoNazis – as long as there was a chance of having open communication. He might claim that his negotiating skills and experience should be used for such an occasion. Understandably, there would be many people upset that he would do this, for the following possible reasons:

  1. His political importance and high visibility bring a sort of credibility to the NeoNazi leadership – something they could never acheive on their own.
  2. The NeoNazis have repeatedly agreed that they would change policies and be more tolerant of other people, but so far there have not been any changes
  3. The NeoNazis refused to condemn the attacks or apologize for their more extreme members’ actions.
  4. The NeoNazis refused to distance themselves from Hitler or his historical agenda.

OK – what is your opinion of Tony Blair in this hypothetical situation?

If you like, you can swap out the names for Former President Bush meeting with the KKK… how would you feel about that one? Would it upset you?

But the reality is Jimmy Carter is REALLY meeting with Hamas. And no one seems to mind or care. Is it just me?

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2 Comments on “Chew on this for a while”

  1. Natalie Smoak Says:

    What would you like to see happen in this situation instead??

  2. jermtech Says:

    I’ll answer a question with a question (as is my right on my own blog!)

    In all the people you’ve ever met in your lifetime, have you known any that were just simply beyond reason…beyond civility…beyond rational conversation? People with closed minds and open mouths. We all have. Some are immature. Some are mentally challenged. Some are just plain crazy.

    And you just can’t reason with crazy.

    Hamas wants to kill every last Jew, take over Israel, and then they’re coming for America. This is not an exaggeration – their own leaders say it all the time. Hamas stirs it up in the streets and in the mosques.

    The Palestinians living in Gaza voted. They chose Hamas. They have to live with those consequences. We don’t deal with crazy.

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