Natural Burial

Dying really sucks. Especially for your family. Here’s some stats:

  • The average funeral service costs $6500 according to the National Funeral Directors Association.
  • The average burial plot costs between: $2000 and $4500
  • Opening and Closing the gravesite can cost $350 to $1500 depending on the day and time of the week.
  • Headstones start at $500 and go up to several thousand.
  • By far the largest expense is the casket itself, with many being “upsold” to families with impressive sounding features like “Protective Sealing” metal caskets with 25 to 75 year “warranties.”

I don’t get it. My thought process is basically that after I die, my body is just an empty shell – to be thought of exactly the same as the shed skin of an animal that molts or transforms through metamorphosis. It is simple biology at that point. My body will decay. It will decompose. It will return to dust as it is destined and designed to do. I will become worm food.

Now why would I try to interrupt that process? Why would I want to be embalmed, and to have “preserving techniques”, chemicals added, and special seal caskets to try and preserve me as long as possible? What am I – an ancient Egyptian? WHO CARES WHAT I LOOK LIKE 2 YEARS AFTER I DIE?

Would it surprise you to learn that the embalming process is not required by law? That there is a growing movement for simple biodegradable caskets with no chemicals added and an all natural process?

Now THAT’S for me.
Wikipedia article on Natural Burial

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2 Comments on “Natural Burial”

  1. Natrino Says:

    I think that once I die, I want to be shot into space.

    Not my ashes. My body.

    I will just float through the black until some aliens find my frozen corpse and revive me.

  2. willifordfuneralhome Says:

    I agree with you in part, but remember this is like everything else. Its all personal choice. My personal choice is to be buried in a shroud with no frills, but most people do not want this. Remember the funeral business is like any other. It gets a bad rap because most are corporate funeral homes that take major advantage of families, but we provide a service that people want.

    If you want a “Green burial” just ask for a shroud and a “rough box” (if you will be buried in a cemetery that requires a burial vault). Ask for an “immediate burial” with no services. That would be the cheapest.

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