Life is Fragile

On Wednesday, my cousin (who is twenty-something) tried calling her mom (my aunt) around 12 noon. No answer. Nothing unusual – she was just probably busy with something. She called again at 1pm. No answer. Huh. Kind of strange.

A little after 2pm, my Uncle came home. When he opened the garage door he found my aunt lying on the concrete garage floor with a 6 ft. stepladder laying on its side near her.

She was unconscious. Her body was cold. She wasn’t breathing. There was blood coming from her mouth and nose. There was a pool of blood underneath her head – her skull had cracked.

He called 911 immediately. Emergency workers rushed over and administered CPR. They called Lifeline immediately. The helicopter flew to their house and landed in the center of the road in front of their house. They flew her immediately to Methodist hospital in Indianapolis.

She was in emergency surgery immediatey. They used suction to remove the blood and clots from around the brain. There was brain bruising. They can also tell that her back is bruised and one of her feet is swollen and bruised. She had blood in her lungs that had to be sucked out.

As of Saturday (3 days later) she has still not regained consciousness. Her reflexes are not strong. The prognosis does not look good. She is on a ventilator to help her breath and to take some workload off the brain so it can try to heal itself. Please pray for her and the family.

She was simply trying to put something in the attic above the garage.

Life is fragile.

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3 Comments on “Life is Fragile”

  1. Jessica Says:

    tell the family that i love them and i am praying for them
    i hope i can come home soon

    love always


  2. jermtech Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, Jessica.

  3. Jessica Says:

    i still consider you all family
    my family

    always and forever

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