The Future Is Happening Now

An article in today’s Studio Breifing, a Hollywood insider trade mag, is yet another demonstration that you cannot stop progress. The article says that at the risk of ticking off big box stores, two more movie studios are moving to allow digital downloads via iTunes on the same day as the DVD release.

It may turn out that the High Definition format war was pointless. Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray may be extinct very soon as digital downloads and faster broadband become more available, and infrastructure is upgraded throughout the internet backbone.

“Two more major film studios are risking the wrath of major retailers like Wal-Mart and Best Buy by making movies available on Apple’s iTunes store on the same day the DVD versions hit the shelves in stores. Daily Variety reported today (Thursday) that Fox will offer Juno online next Tuesday, when it also releases the DVD and Blu-ray versions. The trade publication also reported that Paramount offered Beowulf for purchase online shortly after it hit the stores on Feb. 26 and that Jackass 2.5 — a straight-to-video release — actually hit the Web a week before it came out on DVD. In yet another move likely to perturb traditional retailers, Fox struck a deal with Starbucks, which began offering the Juno DVD in its coffeeshops last Tuesday. Meanwhile. Starbucks itself announced Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with Apple under which it will give away access cards allowing customers to download one “Pick of the Week” song or video from the iTunes store each week.”

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One Comment on “The Future Is Happening Now”

  1. Jason Lee Says:

    just another realization that apple will soon be taking over the world. that’s what happens when you simply make stuff that’s awesome.

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