Viral Effect

Often times at Oakbrook, we will spend countless hours creating graphics, media, printed materials, web design, and quality video presentations. For example, we have a saying around here that a quality video production has a 10:1 ratio – 10 hours of production time for each finished minute of video. Some videos aren’t quite that intensive…others are even more so. But you get the general idea.

Everyone knows what bad video looks like. We’ve seen it a lot. Whether its poor camera equipment, bad audio, bad lighting or no lighting, dumb choices on framing or execution of an idea…whatever…you know what I’m saying. So when we go to great lengths to avoid those problems and do quality work…it shows. People notice. We get compliments. A recent example would be the two “My Stories” from our Easter 2008 services. They looked and sounded very good and professional and people were appreciative and complimentary.

Great. We’re on the same page.

Enter the new series, Confessions of a Pastor. What is it about the “viral vlog” that makes people explode with reaction? I’m serious. We are getting 10 times the comments about these videos as we do with our normal ones. And these Confessions aren’t very time consuming (at least for anyone else but Mark 🙂 They look cheesy. The audio is lousy. But people LOVE these things.

It’s not the execution (although that contributes to the feel). It’s the CONTENT. People love the feeling that they’re getting a secret look into the life of someone they know – especially an authority figure, celebrity, politician, etc. They freakin’ LOVE it. It’s the tabloid version of video. And it’s AWESOME that we’re able to leverage that effect in the church.

If you haven’t seen them, here you go.

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5 Comments on “Viral Effect”

  1. Natalie Smoak Says:

    Oh man. Those are great. I am laughing so hard at the one with Jonny, my office neighbors are wondering what is going on in here. Good ol’ Mark! He is a special dude. Thanks for sharing, Jerm.

  2. jermtech Says:

    LOL…glad you enjoyed them.

  3. homewithtwins Says:

    You know, I think it is this inner desire we all have to be voyeurs (well, in this case minus the sexual aspect of voyeurism) – we love to peek into other people’s lives – see them as they are – raw life. Reality TV anyone??? I have always thought of Mark as a very “real” and “approachable” person, but He is still an authority figure – a leader – somewhat intimidating. I think that the mass appeal is just that people can relate with what he is saying. I found myself thinking, “wow, he feels that way too??” (especially in the worry segment). I think a lot of people still see Mark as this (cue angelic choir music) holy person on a pedestal and forget that he is just like all of the rest of us…just called by God to teach. Anyway, that is my opinion. They are great videos – love the series – even though I had to listen to the last one as a podcast! 😦

  4. jermtech Says:

    LOL Collin.

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